Wednesday, November 26, 2008

LIAR!!!! I just have to apologize because I totally lied! After much contemplation, and discussion, I have come to the conclusion that I am "unconditionally and irrevocably in love" with the movie Twilight!!!! Ahhhhh!!!!! Hahahaha. What did you think I was going to say? I mentioned in my review of the movie earlier, I thought it was cheezy and blah blah blah. But how come I couldn't stop thinking about it that whole day and the next. Mind you, it didn't help that Ane and I couldn't help but fill Greg in on what happens in the three books to follow. So that discussion only made me wanna watch it again! So Greg and I went on Saturday night. I was fully satisfied after this viewing. I couldn't help but find myself sucked back into the world that I had left behind after reading the series. I did the whole research on all the actors, interviews, the author, the soundtrack, and everything else Twilight.

After watching the movie the first time, I didn't agree with the music choice all that much. But after downloading it (mostly because I loved the song at the end) and listening to it, I found myself loving it as well. Probably because I could imagine each scene with each song! Especially the songs that they play during the scenes with the Cullens. Those are without a doubt my favorite parts of the movie. Especially the baseball scene! Ahhhhh!!! Now I wanna watch it again!!! Freakin' A!

So if you haven't seen Twilight, or even if you've seen it once and weren't fully satisfied, I suggest you go! And then go and read the novels, because it just makes the movie that much better! So I feel like a little teenie bopper all over again!
YAY for Team Edward!!!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Looking for a New Family

As I pulled into the driveway, I noticed my sister, brother-in-law and some of the kids standing outside looking towards our neighbors house. Then, Conrad, the eldest, comes running up to the car laughing. He goes on to tell me the story:

So'i was in their room, and began packing all his clothes in a box that he found somewhere in the house. Then he strolled to the living room and announced:

"Mommy, Daddy, I'm gonna go look for a new family."

Of course his parents thought he was just messing around, so they played along. Ope told him, "Go! Go find you a new family. No one wants you anyway." < < Ok, so I realize that statement sounds pretty harsh...but just keep in mind that he was totally joking. And this, I imagine would be the face that So'i would give him in response to that.

Anyhoo, So'i proceeds to go outside. They think nothing of it until they see him walking to the house across the street. Again, no need to worry. Then he starts walking up the stairs! And then knocks on their door! Hahahahahahahaha!!!!! This kid straight tried to run away to the neighbors house!!!!! He is too funny. When I asked him what he said when he knocked on their door he said, "I just ask them for one drink." Hahahahahahahahahah!!!! Who does that? Then he started going off and telling me some other stories that I didn't quite fully understand. So I change the subject and I was like, "let me see what you can count up to." And this is the answer I got. Makes you wonder about his education. Hahahaha...j/k.

Random Conversations with the Parentals

I LOVE my parents to eternity! Yesterday, I went to pick them up from the airport after a three day trip to the Big Island where Mom was a representative for BYUH Admissions at the various Career Fairs on the island. Dad, of course, went along as her "personal assistant/chauffer." Hahaha. Well, on the way home, I was entertained by their constant bickering, and "frustration" with each other. I guess that's what happens after being married for 36 years. Lol!

Anyhoo, we started talking about all the weddings that were planned for next month, considering the temple will be closing for the next 18 months or so. This is how it went....

ME: Spencer Hafoka's getting married next month.

MOM: Oh wow! Good for him!

DAD: What about 'Inoke?

ME: Uhhh...'Inoke is a Funaki...not a Hafoka.

DAD: I know dat! I just asking...when HE getting married?

ME: Hahaha. I don't know.

DAD: And what about his braddah?

MOM: Yeah...the one that graduated with Jason?

DAD: Yeah...when he getting married? He still dating da Moea'i girl?

ME: I don't know.

DAD: You better tell him hurry up before he become one mermaid!

ME (thinking to myself): Mermaid?! Is that a new slang? Am I behind on the new lingo?

MOM: MERMAID?! Hahahahahaha! You mean OLD Maid! Hahahahahahaha. And you don't call a guy an OLD maid!

(constant laughter for the next five minutes)

DAD: Well, whateva! You know what I mean. Yeah. Go...laugh! I'm glad I can make you two laugh!

Oh man! This was probably the highlight of my day!!!! I laughed so hard. My dad always seems to have his moments...but I think this one is probably Top Ten status. Gotta love it!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Twilight Movie

SPOILER WARNING!!!!! If you haven't seen any Twilight yet, you may not want to read on. Consider yourself warned.


I just got back from watching the premier of "Twilight" the movie, and a lot of mixed feelings about that movie. I'll be completely honest...I REALLY enjoyed it. But not so much because it was good. I just couldn't help but find EVERYTHING hilarious! Sad to say, it was a little cheezy. Just a whole lot of staring, mumbling, stumbling, and blah blah blah. The facial expressions were the best!!!!

I think the most unenjoyable part about the whole experience was the stupidity of theater management. We get there to see a line for only ONE of the THREE theaters that was showing the movie. Tell me this? Why would there be a line if there are two OPEN theaters? Yeah...I don't know the answer to that one either. Unfortunately, our tickets said that we were in that line. So of course, we had to complain. We ranted and raved at how stupid it was that they didn't just let everyone go in to the other theaters that were already available. And of course...we got our way, and were able to skip the whole standing in line part of it all, and got to wait in the comfort of a chair. That was probably the most exciting part of my night.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A Picture Says a Thousand Words...But HERE It Just Says ONE!

So, I accepted Karess' challenge and decided to do it! I came up with some pretty interesting pix. Some of them I didn't even want to post because they were a little yeah. Take the challenge...I dare you! LOL.

For each question, look up the answer in a Google Image search. Then choose your favorite image from the first page of results only. You get some fun and often CRYPTIC answers. If you need clarification on any of them leave a comment, also let me know if you do it so we can all see yours!!






and Currently...



Yup...this was during my "white boy" phase. Thank goodness it only lasted 3 months. LOL!!!


She doesn't have a nickname, and I don't know who this lady is...but it was the only pic with her name


They didn't have anything for "oohbaybee23" I figured "oohbaybee" would be the next best thing, and this is what i found. The things people do with their camera's nowadays. CRAZY!



I have no clue.





Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Christmas Fever!!!

Next week Thursday is already Thanksgiving, which means only ONE thing. Christmas is just around the corner. I'm too EXCITED to function. It's true. I'm currently sitting in the library, blogging my life away when I should really be working on my 6-8 page paper that is due at 8am tomorrow morning. Did I mention I have a presentation at that time as well? Yup...this is what I do best. And all I can think about is what I'm gonna do during the Christmas break. No school. Just work...which is the coolest thing ever! No worries. No due dates. No papers. No tests. No classes. No life for a good 3 WEEKS!!!!! But until then, I have about three weeks left of school. so gotta make the best of it I guess. Wish me luck!

The Gatekeepers of Our Country

This is dedicated to all the TSA workers out there. Thank you for keeping our airways safe and clear!!! Hahahaha

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Laughing Hyena!

Just had to post this short clip of Nono'a cracking up on the drive home from Ala Moana. He was laughing straight for a good 30 minutes. Gotta luv this kid.

Meet the Keo's

Yesterday, our entire family made our way to Kalihi to attend the funeral services of my Dad's oldest sister, Josephine Leilani Atkins. Even though most of my dad's sibling live on the island, we don't get to see them or spend as much time with them as we'd like. It has pretty much been like that my whole life. It's not that he wants i to be like that, it's just the way it is. It seems like the only time we DO get to see them is at weddings and funerals. Besides the retirement party that we threw for Dad back in April, the last time I saw Aunty Leilani was at her husband's funeral about 3 or 4 years ago.

That made me realize that I really need to document more about my Dad and his family. Of his 10 siblings, I think there are only 4 left. Aunty Maumae, Aunty Helena, Uncle Bano and Uncle George. But he also has a half sister who lives in Waimanalo, Aunty Jenny. I love seeing them because I forget how they all look alike. I tried to have my dad take a picture with his siblings at the funeral, but he was too busy talking story. So by the time he was free, both Uncle Bano and Uncle George had left. But it was nice to have a picture of him with his two sisters. This will be one of the first pictures for the first "Keo Reunion" slide show.
Aunty Helena, Aunty Maumae, and Dad

My dad always talks about how he wants to coordinate a reunion for his side of the family, and I am in full support of that!!! This is something that I feel we need to do, because we need a reason other than funerals to bring us together.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Day with the Tuioti's

Last week Tuesday I offered to watch my friend's sister-Keala's (I guess I can consider her my friend as well)-kids so she could do a session at the temple. Since Keala always hooks it up with the UH tickets, of course I couldn't say no. Not to mention that her kids are so darn cute! So, after work, I headed over to their house, and waited for my partner in crime - Greg - to come over and help. Did I mention she has SIX kids. Yup....six kids all under the age of 8.

I could tell Keala was worried that I would be overwhelmed, but I reminded her that I've been doing this since I was I had it under control. Not too long after Keala left, her cousin Sina came over to take the two babies with her. So, I was left with Teisa (8), Teivis aka Bubba (6), Teilor (5), and Teitum (3). Those kids are CUH-RAY-ZEE...I LOVE it!!! From Teisa getting stuck in the playground equipment to finding beer bottles by the tree, it was quite an eventful day.
Te-te-te-teitum!!! The biggest 3 yr. old I know.
Teitum and Teilor
Teisa getting stuck! Hahaha...I don't know how...but it happened.
That last picture might give you an idea of how much fun it was to cruise with this crazy bunch. They came running up to me with those bottles saying, "can we take this home with us?! Did you know we recycle?" I was like...."ummmm....considering Aunty's car registration is expired, it probably won't be the best thing if a cop pulls us over and finds two kids holding beer bottles. How bout we save the planet another day." Hahahaha.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Feelin' the Love

I feel so loved! Thank you Kava for giving me the honor of inheriting such an awesome award! Good to know that my life in the "single lane" can still be entertaining.

Here's the way the "Blog Awards" work:

1. Whomever I nominate get to put this same picture on their blog.

2. Link back to me on your post (it's all about getting visits to your own blog and to others).

3. Nominate 5 other blogs.

4. Link up to them.

5. Leave a message (comment) on those blogs to let them know they were nominated.

Here are only 5 of some of my FAVORITE blogs!

Spencer and the Hafokas: Line is one of my closest friends who now resides in Utah, so it's good to catch up with what's going on in her life. Not to mention, I love seeing what mischief Spencer's been up to. Lol. Just kidding Line.

Neena: Thanks Coreen for your words of inspiration. Your stories give me a whole new perspective on life.

Lotoa and the Lesas: Alex is another friend from the BYU Provo days. Her wittiness and play on words are always entertaining. From Lotoa throwing up on her, to the simple things in life that she expresses her gratitude for. It's definitely a fun read.

Hine, Shennan and the 3 B's are so hilarious!!! Those kids say the darndest things, and I love how Hine documents ALL of it. The best is that the pidgin comes out when Hine's writing, and I think that's my favorite part.

Ilihia and the Owan's: Luana is good people. She and I met while working at Turtle Bay. Now that neither of us are working there, and that she's living in town (but I just heard a rumour she moved back to Laie...YAY), it's good to see what's going on with her little family. Ilihia is probably the cutest thing ever! And I love how Bryant always films the random moments of their lives.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Rumble at Kavaroots

Ok, so most of you may know that I work at a quiet, peaceful and serene smoothie shop up on the North Shore. People come from all over the island to partake of our oh so scrumptious Acai Bowls. So you can just imagine my surprise when these two (excuse my lack of a better word) faggots come and start a fight in my store!!!

I was sitting at the counter, engulfed in a game of Text Twist, when a hear what sounds like someone falling down the stairs. When I stand up to see what's going on, I see a local guy, around the age of 40 running up the stairs and into the store, with another local guy, about my age chasing after him. At first I didn't think it was anything, just some guys acting stupid, but then the younger guy, we'll call him Bob, starts calling out the older guy, his name is Johnny. All that came to my mind was, "are you freaking serious?" YES, they were. Before I could do anything, Bob starts swinging at Johnny, who mind you, is wearing a cast on his arm! So, my initial reaction...scream and yell at them to take it outside!!!

Bob gets in a couple of swings with our trash can cover, (which he broke) as I come around the counter to attempt to stop the madness. So, I grab the first thing I find, a broom! Hahahaha...yes, a broom, and I start yelling at them to stop and get out. Bob stops as his friends run in to grab him and they go outside. And he's like, "sorry eh Aunty, but you better tell that &*$%* to watch his back." And I'm thinking, oh heck no! First of all, you are the same age as me, so I don't know who you calling Aunty!

ME (to Bob): Get the hell out of my store and take this somewhere else. And where the hell is my trash can cover?!

BOB: Sorry Aunty. The cover stay inside. Here, I get 'em for you.

He comes inside and starts yelling at Johnny again, reaches for the trash can cover, which is like two feet away from Johnny, and then he starts wailing it at Johnny AGAIN!!! What the heck?! I don't know what came over me, but I ran, and grabbed Bob by the shirt, and yanked him off of Johnny and threw him out the door. Talk about Barbella!!! I just didn't want them to break anything in the store, because mind you, there are a ton of glass displays in the store. But they did manage to knock down a few plants, and some of the merchandise that was on the shelves. I was pissed! Bob leaves and walks across the street.

ME (to Johnny): GET THE HELL OUT OF MY STORE!!!! Look at what you faggots did!

JOHNNY: I aint going out there. He get all his friends, and they goin' mob me. You gotta call the cops.

ME: I don't care WHAT they do to you...I just don't want it in my store, so get OUT!

He would not get out, so again, I grab the broom and start pushing him in the back, OUT of the store. Hahaha. Yes, like how you see in the movies. He would not move! So I tell him, "I got knives in the kitchen, and I aint afraid to use 'em, so you better get the hell out!!!"

So he leaves, I call the police, and start cleaning up. Mind you, some customers just walked up to the window while all of this was going on. So, after I clean up, I take their order, and I see Johnny sitting outside on our stairs, STILL calling out Bob, who's across the street in the parking lot with his friends. One of the customers was like, "why is he doing that?" And I think to myself, for real?! What an idiot...he's just asking for it. Then next thing you know, Johnny comes running back in the store!!!

Bob is swinging at him, misses, and they both fall on our glass bookshelf right next to the door. Glass flies everywhere! They get up, and start coming towards me. The broom is gone, so I grab the mop. I come from around the counter and start hitting BOTH of them with the mop. Bob is like, "oh yeah, give me the mop, give me the mop." I was like, "heck no....get the hell out!" Then I get in the middle to break it up, and something, I don't know what (a fist, a mop, an elbow?) hits me in the head. Pissed me off even more. I grab Bob's shirt, since he was wearing one, and throw him out AGAIN! His friends, who if you ask me, are another group of slow idiots, come and take him across the street.

JOHNNY: Did you see that? Did you see that HE attacked ME?!

ME: You're the idiot that kept provoking them, so good for you. Now this is the last time I'm gonna tell you, GET OUT! I already called the cops, and they're on their way!!!!

Johnny must've cut himself on the broken glass, cause there was blood everywhere. I locked the door so that wouldn't happen again, and went back to helping those customers. I took their orders, and made their bowls. When I realized Johnny and Bob were gone, I opened the door and started cleaning the shop. Then the customers were like, "is it ok if we eat inside?!" Who does that?! Why would they wanna stay after seeing all of that. And what irritated me even more was that two of them were GUYS, and they just stood there while they watched me defend my store!!! Freaking mahu's! Aaarrgggghhh!!!! And then, none of them offer to help me clean up! But whatever. was quite an eventful day at Kavaroots yesterday. I swear this kinda stuff only happens when I'm working. I already told my bosses that we need a BB gun, cuz the broom and the mop just weren't as effective. Next time, if there ever is a next time, I'll just shoot them! Hahahaha!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Random Conversations at FHE I just had to post this because I don't think I've ever laughed so hard. You probably won't find it that just keep in mind, you had to be there.

ME (directed to Greg): Hey, I heard somebody died!

GREG: Huh? What are you talking about?

PETER: Oh yeah...Chuck Akana.

ME: Chaka Kahn?!?! What?! How did she die?

PETER: Chaka Kahn? I said CHUCK AKANA!

ME: *sigh* Oh...I thought you said Chaka Kahn. I was gonna say. Who's Chuck Akana?

GREG: Yeah. I thought you said Chaka Kahn too.

PETER: He worked at the BYUH Honor Code office for like 50 years.

ME and GREG: Oh...hahahahahaha!

PETER: Yeah...uhh...but I do find it a little disturbing that you're more worried about Chaka Kahn dying than Chuck Akana. Who's Chaka Kahn?

GREG: She's the one that sings, I'm every woman. It's all in me!

PETER: Oh, I thought that was Ru Paul!


So had to be there. I just thought I'd document this moment so I can look back and laugh at how random our conversations can be.