Monday, June 6, 2011

change is good.....right???

last week i got some surprising news from my roommate. we were being EVICTED!!!!

nah nah nah...just kidding. but we really are moving. the loser who owns the house we currently reside in decided he wanted to move back in once our lease was up. NOT COOL! especially since he's gonna be the ONLY one living there!!! what is one person gonna do with a 5 bedroom house??? oh well.

so here we go...on our house hunt. applications have been submitted...and credits have been checked. we're just waiting for the approval.

but there is one thing i dislike in the world...and that is moving! let me rephrase that...i dislike moving families. since i'm single...i don't really have all that much stuff to drag along from house to house. when i moved from my sisters house to my brothers, i literally grabbed all my clothes out of my closet, my shoes and other misc things, and threw them in my car. that's how i move. i left all the big stuff...or the ONE big thing, my bed, for my nephews to move over. lol.

helping FAMILIES move is a whole other monster. my sister has moved her family over 5 times in a period of 10 years, so we definitely have some experience. but it doesn't mean we like it anymore with each new time. packing room by room...running out of boxes...forgetting things...CLEANING....blah!!! dislike dislike DISLIKE!!!

but change is good....right??? i would love to stay in the same area, so we're not too far from family...but living closer to the freeway would be a lot better. since i'll be working from home (for delta) by the end of this month...i really just want to be somewhere that cuts my commute to the hawaiian cultural center down by maybe 10 minutes. that will definitely make a huge difference.

wish us luck!!!