Thursday, April 15, 2010

happy being me...

looking back on when i started
had a lot of sun and a lot of rain
i had some joy and broken hearted
but now that doesn't mean a thing
i'm living for the joy and laughter
longing for my befores and afters
all in all it's been cool
and there's nothing i wouldn't do
i'm so happy being me

So happy being me I'm regretting nothing about me Too busy living life, Living love, Freely So happy being me

Stop reaching back from your beginnings All those broken dreams that went down stream As we grow, live and know Some things were never meant to be Just like people they come and go Some will live forever and some will never know That's why god gives us memories To leave us to our victories I'm so happy loving me

All those hidden treasures Feeling nothing but pleasure We could never replace, is love (We can't no we can't no) The sunlight leads us to a place and moonlight keeps us in it's grace I'm so happy being me

"Happy Being Me" -Angie Stone-

this song came on the radio on my way home from work, and as i listened to the lyrics i couldn't help but be overwhelmed with gratitude for everything that i have. and i mean EVERYTHING!!! i reflected on my life over the past three and a half months of this year and have realized that i have been blessed beyond measure. the move here has definitely been worthwhile with the car, the internship/job at the hawaiian cultural center, the other job at delta, and having a strong support system here and at home.

don't get me wrong. my life is far from the best, or far from being perfect, but what matters is that i am HAPPY with MY life! i may not have the perfect car, the perfect job, or the perfect family (lol), but i am extremely grateful for what i HAVE, and i wouldn't have it any other way.

i of lately, a lot of my focus has been on what i don't have and how i need to change in order to achieve the "ideal" me. but then again..what's wrong with me??? lol...just kidding. that's not what i meant. what i'm trying to say is...what is SO wrong that i can't look past that to see what's RIGHT with me??? i may not have the perfect body, income, or lifestyle...but it's MINE. and this song just helps me realize that what matters most is what I do with it, and not anyone else.

so thank you ms. stone for the reminder to be happy being me!!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Happy Easter

Its moments like these that make rushing all over the place on Saturday trying to find plastic eggs at the last minute, and then going home only to spend the rest of the afternoon filling said eggs with candy and money worthwhile.

Hope you all had a "hoppy" easter!!!