Monday, April 11, 2011

something that i miss

this one is easy. i miss being a kid. worries about money or my future. just being able to live life to its fullest. when i look back at my childhood i always tease my mom that my other sister right above me, mahea, and i were the only latchkey kids in our family. the madre was home for the rest of our siblings throughout their elementary years. dropping them off and picking them up from school. i can imagine the occasional afternoon snack would be waiting for them after school. but not for us. we would get dropped off...but had to walk home afterwards. if the key was not in its designated spot there would be times when we had to break in.

which by the way...surprises me how our house NEVER got broken into! i mean...if an 8 year old could do it...what's stopping a grown adult. thank goodness for tight knit communities.

but don't get me mom did the best she could to support our growing family. and in a way it definitely made me mature a lot quicker. i learned to cook, clean and do laundry all at the ripe age of about 9. then you can throw in taking care of ANOTHER little person, my the age of 10. i had to grow up fast. i guess in a way that's part of the reason why i miss that stage in my life so much. when i look at my nieces and nephews now...and see how carefree they makes me wann climb in a time machine.

i want to be able to play in the rain without worrying about getting sick. i want to be able to ride a bike down a hill without worrying about falling off (trust me when i say it can happen to grown az adults too!) i wanna be able to climb a tree without worrying about it breaking....hahahaha. most of all...i just wanna have one day without having to worry. PERIOD.