Tuesday, December 21, 2010

something that upsets me

i like to consider myself a happy-go-lucky person. i don't really let all that much get to me. but if i were to choose ONE thing that upsets me...it would have to be...


hahaha. seriously! i can't stand it. pure dumminess irritates the heck out of me. and i'm not talking lack of education stupid...i'm talking the "ignorant-i-can't-be-bothered" idiocracy. ESPECIALLY when it comes to my cultural background. this irritation has obviously become more apparent with the move to the mainland. i mean...i understand some people really don't know...so i don't hold it against them. they're not the ones i have problems with. its the ones that THINK they know, and try to correct me. seriously?! annoying. here's an example:

dummy (directed to a friend of mine): your daughter's gonna have to get a t.b. test for school.

friend: yeah...she did that already.

dummy: no...she's gonna have to get another one since she moved from another country.

friend: what do you mean...we just moved from hawai'i...

dummy: yeah...that's what i mean

friend: ummm...hawai'i IS part of this country. it's the 50th state.

dummy: no...it's not part of the REAL u.s. its a little island out there.

friend: no...hawai'i IS part of u.s.

dummy: no...you know the REAL u.s. hawai'i doesn't count.


dummy#2: do i need a passport to go to hawaii?

me: no.

dummy #2: are u sure?

me: positive.

dummy #2: sure? i just want to make sure i have the proper documents when i travel out there. don't i have to go through customs when i get there.

me: i'm 100% positive you don't need your passport. hawai'i is a part of the united states.

dummy #2: it is? are you sure?

me: yes ma'am. i'm sure. i'm from hawai'i. born and raised.

dummy #2: wow...you speak really well for someone from hawaii.


Monday, December 13, 2010

another moment

how about a lost moment. like the time i got knocked out today and lost a few teeth!! lol. yup...today was the glorious day the nagging pain that kept waking me up for the past week or so came to an end. all in all the procedure was quick and painless. went in. got some laughing gas. got poked like 5 times with needles because the nurses were unable to find a vein. (curse u shallow veins-happens every time i go to give blood). and then it was a little awkward when the last thing i remember was the oral surgeon reminiscing about how he was the lead in his high school play "guys and dolls" (?) and then something about P-90X. and then i was knocked out.

***sorry...no brittney spears hallucinations here*** all u gleeks know what i'm talking bout right?! lol***

next thing you know i'm being woken up by the nurses and they were done! then they hand me my purse to call my ride. i'm so out of it when i'm calling the BIL to pick me up. luckily he's just pulling in. next thing i know they start wrapping some kind of contraption around my head, but it gets caught in my hair. so i take my hair down and the nurses start going on and on about my hair. and for some reason i start asking them if they've seen the movie/documentary good hair with chris rock! buahahahahaha!!! omg. the BIL finally walks in the office and helps me out...still buzzing from the anaesthesia.

long story short i am sooooooooooo relieved its over. besides the bleeding and the vacant spot in the back right of my mouth...i'm good. i'm just keeping my fingers crossed the antibiotics fight off any potential infections...and hopefully i won't have to take any more painkillers. bye bye pain. hello sleep!

Friday, December 10, 2010

the challenge is coming to an end...

ok....to all you loyal followers...(yes all 5..lol), i just thought i'd update you on my status with the challenge.

i only have 10 more topics left!!!!
yup...and then i won't have anything else to write about. lol. for those new to the challenge..here's a little background. feel free to take the challenge yourself. would LOVE to hear what you have to share.

Monday, December 6, 2010

this month....

it's that happy-go-lucky time of the year again!!!!! i love the holidays...but my waistline surely dreads it. oka...those damn grocery stores set you up by putting ALLLLLLLL the baking stuff in little stations...throughout the store. eeeeh!!!! i've already made butter rolls, banana cream pie, my version of haole brownies, regular brownies, and yellow cake with chocolate frosting. sadly...there was no special occasion. it was all just cause the stuff was staring me in the face at the store...so i bought it, brought it home, and MADE IT!!! all i know...it's back to insanity come january! ugh!

anyhoo...enough of the weight-whining. so it seems like its gonna be a pretty mellow holidays. especially since i have to work the evening of christmas day. that really isn't a problem since our family always does our big dinner on christmas eve. so with that...the SIL started decorating around the house. so far we just go the staples...
the tree

the garland for the banister

and the stockings (check out the itty-bitty ones i got for the twins...lol)

man...when the SIL brought the tree home i thought it was huge!!! but i was quickly informed that it was nothing compared to our sisters tree. so i drove down the road to check out her tree...and i was greeted by this MONSTROSITY!!!!

one and her 12 ft tree put our little 9 footer to shame. hahahahaha!!!!

last week, at work (the hawaiian cultural center) we had a fun little activity for all the little chillrenz. so SIL and i went and took no'a, since it was mostly for kids his age. i called a couple frenz and invited them to bring their kids as well. it was so cute. we had different activity stations set up including:
cookie decorating

making crafts (reindeer windsocks???)


and story time

it was the perfect activity to jump start the holiday season. i was planning on going home...but i'll be spending my week off getting oral surgery!!! fun right?! WRONG!!!!

after weeks of avoiding the dentist, i couldn't take the nagging pain in the bottom right corner of my mouth. come to find out my wisdom teeth have been growing the wrong way and i need to have them removed. IRRITZ! so i go in next wednesday...and hopefully it'll be a quick recovery. i'm kinda nervous, but at the same time relieved, because its time off from BOTH jobs!

then it's christmas!!! don't really know too much about our plans...only that its dinner at sisters for christmas eve, and then tubing the next day before work. it should be a lot of fun. only thing missing is the parentals and the two sibz back home and their chillrenz.


Sunday, December 5, 2010

something i regret

omg...so many skeletons in my closet. from failed relationships to really stupid decisions. i definitely regretted making those decisions back then. but now that i look back at it...not to sound too cliche, but the ultimate life lessons were learned from those experiences. but i think this quote sums it all up for me:

"regret for the things we did can be tempered by time; it is regret for the things we did not do that is inconsolable."

shoulda coulda woulda. especially with opportunities past...that i'll never get back.