Wednesday, May 23, 2012

convos with mama

as the parentals get seems their conversations or one liners get crazier and funnier. so i just had to document this short little tid bit between mi madre and the niece.

niece (while texting from her g-ma's phone): you have free texts?


niece: mama!

madre: what?

niece: do you have free texts?

madre (grouchily): eh...i don't have ANY money on me!

niece: *giggles* what?!

madre: oh..what did you say?

me: eh...she asked if you have free texts

madre: OH! i though you asked if i had three cents!

me and the niece: BUAHAHAHAHA!!!

me: ummm...why would she ask you THAT?! what is she gonna do with THREE CENTS?!

hahahahahaha!!! kalofae that old lady. she just gets crazier and crazier! gotta luv her.