Wednesday, January 20, 2010


i just checked, and the last time i posted ANYTHING was back in november. much has happened since here it goes:

1. FINALLY graduating from college. after a long 8 years of being IN and OUT of school, i finally buckled down, and got that diploma. well..technically i just i won't get my diploma til i finish my internship in april.

2. MOVED TO UTAH!!! this was probably one of the BIGGEST events EVER!!! i've always said i'd move to the mormon state...but it took me this long to finally get here. and now that i'm here......i wanna go back. hahahaha...nah...just kidding. all i know much as i've complained about them, i wouldn't be able to survive without the saaga's presence. i don't think i've mentioned it before, but my sister, one, and her husband and their six kids all made the move out to zion in october. and living here with them has definitely made the transition THAT much easier.

3. KEO/SAAGA'S FIRST white christmas!!! yup...jared, his wife, and my parents all flew out to utah for our first white christmas with the saaga's!!!! unfortunately, aaron and his family, and mahea couldn't make it, but mahea DID fly in just in time for Nui's (my oldest nephew) sweet 16!!! so most of the family was here. we're already planning on having the keo #2's here next christmas. lol!!!

4. my FIRST car...kinda. i was blessed to purchase a car for a whole dollar!!! that has been a huge blessing for us because it runs great!!! its a little more "seasoned", but she still goes. i'll have to post pix when i find my cord.

5. DELTA!!!! after applying like three times to work for ANY airline, i finally got hired with DELTA!!! the world is gonna GET IT!!! i'm sooooooo happy i got this job mostly because my parents can travel back and forth to see their grandkids. yes...their grandkids...nevermind their children! lol. not to mention...they can be our gophers whenever we want something from back home. i prolly won't be able to travel TOO much for the first six month since i'll be in training. but out after THAT!!! besides frequent trips to cali to visit first trip to the unknown will be alabama!!! ahahaha. visit my favorite cuzzie coreen...and watch a tyler perry play..a lifetime (since i was 23) dream of mine! lol.

6. HCC...since i don't start working til february, i've been keeping myself busy interning at the hawaiian cultural center. since i want to get my masters in public administration later....and focus on non-profit organizations, i decided to learn more about non-profit management at this center. ESPECIALLY since its mission is to service native hawaiians in utah. who knew...there's a huge community of hawaiians out there?! i love it! i haven't been doing too much as of lately, but with upcoming activities, i am getting more and more psyched to work there.

all in all...this is the latest in my life. i have been fortunate enough to catch up with family and old friends, and i look forward to what awaits me in the future