Friday, January 30, 2009

"Slim" i come!!! the other day while i was cruising through the blog world i came a blog on ashleigh's page called the "The Great Slim Down." i noticed that the author of this blog was the old step aerobics instructor at byuh. she was the BEST! man...i would come out of her classes sweating like a maniac, in so much pain...cause she would totally kick my butt!!!! but i felt so good everytime i left that room. she moved away...and it just wasn't the same. *sigh*

anyhoo...i checked out her challenge, and have finally implemented it in my schedule this week. surprisingly, i've found myself motivated to adhere to every item on the list. with this being my first week, i wasn't able to check EVERY item off my list, but i can honestly say that i've done more than half! i push myself every morning to wake up at 6am and go to the gym. i used to ride my bike, but since its been raining a lot lately, i've been driving.

but i'm on the right track. i'm determined to make this a year of change in every aspect of my life. physical change being the most observable one. so far i haven't experienced that yet. lol. but, mentally, the change is there. spiritually...its coming along. so blog world. you are to hold me accountable. check in every now and then for any updates on this EXCITING journey!!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Wii

Nintendo has outdone themselves by creating one of the best game consoles made....EVER!!!! The Wii. Our family has enjoyed having this as part of our household for about 3 months now, and I must say, it has definitely brought our family together. Hahahaha. And torn us apart at the same time. Just kidding. Anyhoo...this game, more specifically, Mario Kart Wii, brings out the good, the bad, and the ugly out of everyone. The focus. The drive. The motivation. You would think that these people were going after that million dollar opportunity. Nope. It's the big number "1" that fills their screen after the race is over that they're all after. Huh....who knew.

But I have to admit, that I've had my moments of addiction. We recently fixed our router, so now we are able to go online with the Wii and download the old school Nintendo games. Games like, Super Mario Brothers favorite video game of ALL TIME!!!!! Well, that and Sonic...but that's another blog. Anyhoo...I've found myself totally addicted to that game. All I think about while I'm at school and work is going home just to play that game. Just yesterday, my SIL texted me while I was at work, asking how to fly in Super Mario Brothers 3. After I called her and gave her instructions, I couldn't focus at work anymore. Not to mention that it was totally slow. So, I had someone else come in and work for me so I could go home. PUH-THE-TIC I know!!!

The Wii has been on non-stop this weeked, especially since it was a long weekend, and we've all been pretty much non-productive. Hahahaha. Except for blogging that is. But now that its the first day of school for me since the long weekend, I'm thrust back into the real world. Hopefully I won't experience too many withdrawals...otherwise I'm screwed!!! Ahhhhhh! Help...I'm a Wii-aholic!!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

The Magic of iPhoto

So, I recently got a MacBook and haven't really had much time to mess around with its new features. But the other day at work, after being bored with the internet, I decided to mess around with some of the pictures that i took while in Hana. That's when I discovered the cool editing features that iPhoto has. So, for your viewing pleasure, I give you a few of my "creations."

These are some of my favorites. And YES, I took these. Some of you may not know, but I have a hidden (well, I guess its not so hidden anymore) desire to be a photographer. I usually have no idea what I'm doing when I take pictures, but I like to mess around with different angles. Anyhoo....yay for iPhoto!!! Now, I need to go learn Photoshop!!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

New Year, New Semester

School has started up again, and I have an optimistic attitude about this semester. During the break, believe it or not, I couldn't wait to come back to school. I don't know where this new found excitement is coming from, but I was ready to hit the books. That slowlly started to fizzle out after the first day of school this past Wednesday. Mainly with my 4 credit class. The teacher nearly scared the crap out of me because he kept reiterating how difficult the course would be this semester. So cross your fingers, toes, and eyes and pray that I pass!

One of the perks about school is location. Look at the campus environment (see pic above)!!!! It truly is paradise. As I sit here, just outside of the library, and look out at the beautimous day that is today, I can't help but be grateful. The peace. The serenity. This. Is. Home. Here are a few pictures of the Ulu grove we went to in Hana. I told you I'd post some pix.

These are some of the reasons why I'm thankful I can call Hawaii my home.

Monday, January 5, 2009

New Years Resolutions

Yesterday was the first Sunday in my new ward Laie 10th. It didn't really feel like I was in a "new" ward considering I know most of the people there. But, I can definitely testify of the new spirit felt there. I told myself that this year would be a year of positive change, and I can already see that happening. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Laie 11th, and will always have my roots in Hau'ula 4th, but I see myself gaining a lot from Laie 10th.

To start off the new year, Karess gave an awesome lesson on Resolutions. It is exactly what I needed to start the new year right. Her lesson was on a talk given by Joe J. Christensen about Resolutions. Here's the link. I highly reccommend you read it. I usually don't make New Year's Resolutions, but after reading this article I was inspired to base my 2009 Resolutions on the four areas discussed in this talk.

2009 Resolutions

I resolve to expand my intellectual horizons, to increase in wisdom.

Lately I've been quite the voracious reader. I think I've read a total of 9 books in a period of 3 weeks. Some were just stories, but some were really thought provoking, which helped stimulate my mind. However, I resolve to read more "good" books that will stimulate my mind, and help me to grow intellectually.

I resolve to be a truer friend and to become more socially acceptable to people of high standards.

Maintaining my integrity is important, yet something that seems to be overlooked quite often. I have a bad habit of letting things "slide" to make others feel comfortable. So this year, I want to maintain those high standards that I believe in. This includes not watching rated-R movies. This was a huge weakness for me last year. I would always give myself the excuse like, "'s ok if there's violence. As long as there's no nudity then it should be fine." But how come everytime, my ears would be ringing from all the swearing in those movies. So no exception to the 'R'ule for me. It's rated-R for a reason, and I'm sticking with that. The same can be applied to any social activities I plan on attending this year.

I will be resolute in preserving and strengthening my physical health.

Obviously this is the ultimate resolution that I'm sure everyon has set forth for themselves. But I am determined to lose those unwanted pounds. I plan to do any form of aerobic activity for at least an hour a day for at five days a week. I will be struggling to get myself up at 5:30 every morning so I can go to the gym before school starts. We'll see how that works out! I figure I should try to get it done early, so I can focus on other things throughout the day. I also feel more "productive" when I wake up early. There's a deep sense of accomplishment when I do that.

I resolve to grow spiritually - I will increase in favor with God.

More specifically, I resolve to be more diligent in my scripture reading. I will do this by reading at least 3 pages a day. Thanks Allen for that recommendation. Lately I've been quite the avid reader, so I will try to put that habit to good use. I started today and I already found things that peaked my interest that I never took into consideration before. I'm excited to track my progression, and see where this spiritual growth will take me.

So, these are my four main resolutions. I hope I can keep up with them throughout the year. I'll do my best to post updates on my status. Now that I've shared mine with you, what are yours?

Blast from the Past!!!

After having a hefty dinner at my hanai brothers house, my nieces, nephews and I headed over to the parentals abode to pick up a few things. As we pulled up to the house, we noticed an unfamiliar car parked out front. I was a little confused when I saw a younger haole guy, maybe in his 30's, talking to my dad in the living room. But as I turned the corner, imagine my surprise when I saw Kalli, formerly Kamauoha, and her mother sitting on our couch!!! The haole guy, I figured, was her
Ok...I know this is a ghetto picture. But I'm at work, so I gotta work with what I can.

Kalli was my brother Jason's girlfriend before he passed back in June 1996. She has always had a special place in our hearts since then, so you can imagine the flood of memories that overwhelmed me when I saw her. June 23 will mark the 13th anniversary of my brothers passing. I was only 13 when he passed, but I sure do miss him. Every now and then I'll run into his classmates or friends, and they'll share some stories and experiences they had with him. He was here with us for such a short time, but he definitely lived a FULL life. I'm comforted by the knowledge I have that I will be one day reunited with him. I love you Jason. *tear*

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Week in Review

Ok...first off...I just have to say that I totally didn't realize that I left the end of my last post unfinished. Hahahahaha!!!! As I was reading the comments I was wondering why everyone was talking about "the first thing that comes to mind" when it came to the power outage. Then I re-read my post and couldn't stop lauging cuz I fully left that post unfinished. But I must did instigate some memories for my readers. Haha. Thanks guys for sharing your thoughts on the outage. And yes Ashleigh...your wedding was one of the first things on my mind. Especially your guys' dance cause I was planning on attending that with Bubs and everyone else after work. Oh well....let's just say that you definitely have an awesome story to tell your kids.

Anyhoo, I've just returned from the ultimate relaxing retreat. I spent the past week lounging with my dear friends in Hana. I was fortunate enough to return to my version of paradise this past Monday. This time I was determined to do nothing but lounge and spend time with some of my favorite people. The majority of my week was spent sleeping...eating...sleeping...eating some more....watching movies....and playing some fun games. This was a much needed vacation after working for 11 days!!!!!! It was the recuperation I needed before school started. I see a tradition starting. Lol. As soon as we got in, we HAD to hit up favorite spot there. Unfortunately, the rain kept us in the rest of the week.

We let go of our inhibitions, and made some new discoveries. Malia, our artistic guru initiated our paper mache exercise, where we created the beauty of nature. Our finishe product? The awesomest depiction of the taro plant ever!!! Hahaha. Yes...we made a paper mache taro. It was pretty amazing if I do say so myself. The best thing, we ALL had a part in it. I'll have to post the pictures later because the one bad thing about my camera mysteriously died right before we got on the plane to come home. Sad.

New Year's Eve was spent watching the whole six hours of Pride and Prejudice!!! I've never seen that movie before and I can see why now. Hahaha....just kidding. It was pretty cool. Definitely a bonding moment for all of us. Lol. Later that evening, we headed to the Diego's, a local family that has lived in Hana for the past three generations. Tracing back all the way to when the first sugar cane workers migrated into Hana. They are members of the only branch there, and were kind enough to take "mercy" on us young adults. We ate til we were about to pass out. We mustered up whatever energy we had left to haul ourselves up to the Hana Hotel where we counted down the end of the year and enjoyed the amazing fireworks display. It was a nice change from the smokey new year I usually celebrate back home, with the mounds of red paper left behind.

But thank you so much, Tiana, Kara, Ida, Grandma Caroline, and Malia for making this trip amazing! I love Hana, and I can't wait to go back!