Thursday, October 1, 2009


IT HAS BEEN TOO LONG!!!!! So much has happened since the European expedition that I don't even know where to start. Do I still have readers? LOL! Oh well, if I do, I apologize for the long absence. Life at home has been nothing but a whirlwind of back to back events. After the 5-week long vacation from Kavaroots, I found myself living there for about a month. We renovated the store, and I must say it looks great! Even though it feels like you're walking IN an Acai bowl, it finally feels like OURS!!! A shot of the new paint job. LOL! I'll have to post more pix later.

The store wasn't the only thing that changed over the last 2 months. Another bestie has graduated to the next stage in life. I never thought she would actually do it so soon, but Aunty Bubs is now a married woman. Her last minute decision to have a reception initiated an impulsive trip back to the mainland. The reception was small and simple, but so much fun!
Me and the Bride

After the wedding I was off to Utah to watch my nephew's homecoming game. Which brings me to the biggest change....the Saaga's moving to Utah!!!! It all started out with Nui going up to play football for a couple months. But as soon as One went up there and saw that she could provide her family with so much more there, she made the decision to move. Nui loves it there. It's so good to see him making so much more progress on and off the field. He's finally growing up...a little. Hahaha. He did so good at his game that I didn't even recognize him! They changed his number at the last minute, so the whole time I was looking for #95, he wasn't on the field. I kept thinking to myself, "man..where is he?! #70 looks a lot like him, but he's too fast!" Lo and was him!!! What a horrible aunty! LOL!!! Well, at least he's doing better right?
Me and #70...LOL!!!

I've been home now for a couple weeks, and have started my last semester at BYU-Hawaii. I'm excited for it to be over, yet afraid of what the future holds. I have a plan right now, but am worried about any other changes that may occur. Moving the Saaga's has been overwhelming as well. Between watching kids, cleaning, packing, and trying to study I have found myself too exhausted to function...let alone blog. Thank goodness for slow days at Kavaroots. I should be doing homework, but this comes so much more naturally.

So with that, I just wanna say....I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack bloggers! I don't know how exciting it will be now that my hearts are leaving me....but lets just say I've already got a few trips lined up!!!!