Tuesday, May 18, 2010

the new one...


i distinctly remember three months ago i told myself, "i can't wait to start working so i can be busy again." well, if only i could travel back in time and slap myself for saying that, because BUSY is a total understatement. between the two jobs, i have no time for...life. all i've been doing lately is eat.work.sleep.work.poop.work. lol! well...you get the idea by now. but i keep telling myself to be grateful. here's a few of the haps in the past month:

me and ms. raiya at sunset
me and pops chillin' at home
everyone cruisin' at rocky point
the saaga and keo kiddies reunited.

yup...got to finally go home after 4 loooooooooong months. it was soooooo good to be home and more importantly be back with family. now that we (the saaga clan and i) are officially a delta family, we made the trip home for a short visit. it was also nice to just relax and enjoy the warmth considering it snowed the day we left. always good to go home.