Monday, April 30, 2012

mini spring break with the saaga's

back in my younger years, i remember always looking forward to the different breaks we had in school. spring break being one of them. because usually it meant we got to spend everyday doing nothing but watch tv, play outside or at the beach, or just be a mall rat. back then spring break always fell around the last week of march...which was perfect because we usually had perfect weather. then i grew up. boo. and unless you're a teacher, sorry bout it but no spring break for you!

so....what's the next best alternative? living vicariously through nieces and nephews who still have a week off in the middle of spring. last year it was spent on the west coast at disneyland...this year...east coast to washington d.c. and new york city!!!! so of course being the cool awesome SINGLE aunt that i am...i HAD to tag along. lol. the next few days were all a blur...but there's nothing like experiencing new things with the people you love. since talking about everything would take too long, here's a quick summary:

*smithsonian museum of natural history*walking around the DC mall*picture taking at the capitol*driving for days looking for a restaurant*late night packing*early wake up call for breakfast*checking in 9 people and 12 bags*flying into NYC*picking up the rental car*upgrading car to fit all of us*driving for 2.5 hours in traffic to jersey*naptime*driving through tolls for days*TIMES SQUARE*seeing BFF on billboard in times square*toys 'r us*bubba gumps*red stairs*nighty night*sleeping in*driving through new tunnel back to city*walking 2 miles more than we needed to*missing our appt*lunchtime*sassy subway workers*9/11 memorial*empire state building*hailing a cab...FAIL*dirty subway stations*cruise mode back to jersey*ruby tuesdays for dinner*worst service EVER*jon ken po tourney with the little boys*packing*rest*flying back to bootah*

its all a blur...reflections on the metro
holy mammoth!

saaga's and aunty mahea
sisters at capitol hill
entering the concrete jungle
drive into jersey

toys 'r us in times square
9/11 memorial
movin' on the top of the empire state building
view from the top
tryna hail a cab..but they must've been intimidated by our party of 9! lol
the closest we got to lady liberty that weekend. hahahaha. kaloz to deeeeep sleepers
waiting for the subway after a looooooong day of walking
and that's all folks!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

easter weekend

after being out of town every weekend for the whole month of march, it was nice to take a break from flying and stay home for the weekend. my saturday was spent sleeping in...organizing the room a lil bit and relaxing at the sisters house watching some tv...a luxury we don't get at home considering we cut off our cable last year. it was nice to watch everything on something other than a 13-inch computer screen.  a movie day/night wouldn't be complete without some pizza to go along with it. so we turned on the pizza sign and got the wet bar ready for din din. 

luv me some good pizza. the rest of the evening was spent catching up with a good friend at "smart cookie" a new fave dessert spot here in utah. their sugar cookies are divine.  

with it being easter sunday the next day it was vital that i make it to church. especially since i haven't been to my ward for a whole month. so of course...i slept in again and missed church. lol. it was a quiet easter this year. 2 of my 4 utah families were out of town, so we went to the oler household for easter lunch. it was hard to really get into the spirit of this holiday with everyone else out of town...but we made the most of it for our two little easter bunnies. its a good thing they're only one and didn't notice that we (the parents and the aunties) totally failed this easter. waiting at the very last minute we found out our easter bin in storage only had grass and no eggs. lol. so we had to improvise and ended up using the same 10 eggs our cousin ang had. its a good thing these kids are only one cause they didn't notice us recycling the eggs they would find. hahaha. ghetto i know...but we do what we can. they still had fun. at least they had super cute easter baskets this year, and not a plastic bag like our kids normally sport. hahaha.
twinkies ready for church in their easter attire
me and sister are so egg-cited bout
maluae and deighton aka maluae's body guard lol
their first egg hunt
tita and her body guard

the rest of the evening was spent watching tv...again. lol. so needless to say it was a nice lazy weekend. which is just what i needed after a month of being on the go everyday. but i think i need to get out of this lazy mode because i've missed working out three days this week! no bueno. but i'm off to the east coast on friday to meet up with the sisters and chillenz to finish off their spring break in NYC!!! i love that city! "on-the-go" mode here i come!!!