Thursday, August 28, 2008

Photo Shoot

I was really bored waiting for the pictures to upload on my computer...and my cute little nephew strolls into my room wanting attention. So...I decided we should take pictures!

At first he seemed really excited!

See! Look at that face! He is genuinely excited!
Honi Honi
We love the camera!

Then...he got into one of those moods.
I was still excited! Hahahaha.

I was trying to cheer him up. But he was too busy wondering, "what the heck is that thing that keeps flashing in my face?!"

Then he was like...."why the heck is Aunty Ui smiling so much?"

And this is my personal favorite! Fully giving me the stinkest look! I love it!

I just thought I would share these with you all just so you know how bored I can be at times, and what I resort to to entertain myself. I also LOVE how tan I look in these pix. I vain!

Saturday, August 23, 2008


This past week I had the opportunity to visit beautiful Hana, Maui. It was a much anticipated, and much needed vacation. I had been planning on going this whole summer, but I hadn't figured out when the right time would be. Postponing the trip had turned into a bad habit that I couldn't quite break yet. Finally, when the time was right, I asked my friend Robin to accompany me, and she was quick to oblige. So we booked our tickets on the Superferry, and were ready to go! Ironically, just hours after booking our tickets (while working at Kavaroots), I got a "surprise" visit from Granny Goo and Moana Hafoka. After hearing about my plans to go, those two monkeys invited themselves to go! I guess they're that comfortable with me to just "invite" themselves. But it turned out to be a lot of fun. Especially when Ben Chase joined us at the last minute. The trip definitely wouldn't have been as much fun as it was without them. Thanks guys.

The first day was probably the longest day EVER! We left Laie at around 3:30 that morning to get to the dock in time to catch our 6:30 ferry. It just so happened that my parents were out of town for about two weeks, so I was able to take my dads truck. We piled in all our camping gear, and bags in the back. How convenient. The ferry ride there was a little bumpy. I recommend sitting in the middle of the boat if you plan on taking a trip. The sitting area is beautiful. And the concession stands are reasonably priced. My fav: Kalua Pig Nachos for $6.75. It's HUGE!!! the time we get there it's about 9:30. We take our time driving around Kahului, mostly because we keep getting lost. But after we're done with all of our sight seeing of the town, we were ready to get to Hana!!! The drive takes approximately 2 hours!!! That was sooooo not my favorite part of the trip. As soon as we get to the Hendersons, we head to our camping spot. Sadly, nobody took a picture of our cute little camp. But it was in the perfect spot. No one was around. We could make as much or as little noise as we wanted. We (I mean the boys) built a cute little firepit for us for our late night conversations. And it was just a few steps away from one of the many beautiful beaches there in Hana. One con: no bathrooms or showers. Thankfully, the Hendersons were generous enough to let us use theirs. Thanks Uncle Ray and Aunty Malia!
Tuesday was pretty much field trip day. It started off at Wainapanapa State Park. This is where we were supposed to camp, but we couldn't get a permit because the office (in Kahului) was closed. This is probably one of my favorite places to go. There's an amazing black sand/rock beach AND fresh water ponds. I could lay on that beach all day, and when it gets too hot, jump in the pond. It's heaven! The boys had a lot of fun jumping off "bunny ears." But, I couldn't be bothered. Me and heights don't get along.
Next was Puhaoa. It's this little pond off the Hana highway that isn't open to the public. That little water fall has a natural slide that you can ride into the pond. The water was ice cold by the time we got there. The sun wasn't shining in on it, but it was still a lot of fun. Especially when Granny got a special hair treatment from Moana. You have to ask Mo for the secret ingredient. Hahaha.
I love this picture. That would be Kara holding the camera as she gets a shot of herself in my shades. We went for a cruise behind her grandma's house. It's a HUGE field that leads to these cliffs by the ocean. Utter beauty! The first picture in this post is an example.

There was so much going on during this trip that it would take forever for me to write about. But to summarize, it is always a ton of fun in Hana! There is so much to do there, that you can never fit it in your schedule. But being in a place so untouched makes me better appreciate my life here on Earth. It is here where I definitely feel a sense of peace. I always feel a strong tie with my Heavenly Father here because I am surrounded by His masterpiece. And I can feel His love through the people there. Thanks again Hendersons. I love you guys!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Take Back Your Family

So I have to admit that I am a huge fan of the MTV Reality Based TV Show, Run's House. I just love how the Rev goes about his day to day with his family. Never a dull moment. They are not your normal "dysfunctional reality TV" family. I love that the Reverend maintains such wholesome moral values in his household. I especially love his little quotes at the end of each show. They're so inspiring.

The other day I was watching the show, and I noticed that Rev Run and his wife Justine were discussing their new book, "Take Your Family Back." I actually saw that book the week before at Border's, but didn't think to buy it cause I don't have a family of my own just yet. But while they were talking about all the different things the discuss about their kids in that book, I was sold! So now, 2 days later, I'm done with the book, and can't seem to get enough of the Simmons.

If you're a big Run's House fan like myself, this is a definite must-read! Rev Run being an influential icon in the Hip Hop community, I love that he is able to maintain such a positive influence on not only his family, but for other families that watch his show.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

100% Effective Birth Control

Now, I know what you are all thinking...and NO! I have no reason to be taking any kind of birth control at this moment in my don't worry. However, I have stumbled across the most effective form of birth control ever created. Anyone interested? It's called the "Live-With-Your-Sister-and-Her-Husband-and-Their-Six-Screaming-Kids." Trust me, you will be "kid free" for the next ten years of your life after just one dose of this. Hahaha! I am totally kidding! I love these guys to Eternity. Everyone of possess a unique and colorful personality that makes life in the Saaga home exciting and interesting.

Here's a pic of my new "House" mates. I decided to move out of my parents house and into my sisters. Hahahaha. At least here I can have my own room, and my own space - well...kind of. So far its not that bad.

The oldest is Conrad Keaunui Keo Saaga

He's 14 turn 15 in December; looks like he's 17, and acts like he's 25! He definitely looks like his dad's mini-me...which is kinda Being the oldest, he does his best to help out with his younger siblings, but sometimes he thinks he can talk to me like I'm not his aunty. That's when he gets slapped back into reality. I'm waiting for that day he brings a girl home just to see the look on my sisters face. Poor thing, he doesn't know what he's gonna get himself into when that happens, because not only will he get it from his parents, but also from ALL his aunties and uncles! I can't wait. Hahaha.

Chelsea Rarotonga Saaga is next

She is the most photogenic of the lot as you can see. The secondary caretaker of the babies. But don't be foold by her enchanting smile. That face changes real quick if she doesn't like what she sees/hears/smells/whatever! Lol. If looks could kill, I wouldn't be blogging right now. She is sooooooo her mother's daughter, but the only difference is that she can be totally shy. Watching her grow up continues to age me. It seems like it was just yesterday when I would dress her up like she was the Barbie I never had. Poor girl...she hated it when I would do that. But that's one of the perks of being an aunty. You can do what you want, and send them kicking and screaming to their parents.

And now Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Cade Kawika Maluae Saaga

As you can tell by his picture, he's a HAM!!! He has always been the entertainer of the family. Ever since he was 2, he would entertain us all with his imitation of Polynesian dancing. I definitely worry about this one. He's the HUGEST flirt. Another trait he's grown accustomed to since he was 2. It doesn't matter where we are, he manages to find the nearest OLDER girl, and start up a conversation with them. He found his first girlfriend at the age of 3, and his victim was 15!!! So mothers lock up your daughters if you see this one coming down the street!

Caylee Latafale Lina Saaga is next in line

Another entertainer in the family. It must middle child syndrome. Unlike her older sister, this little girl makes a new friend, and sometimes a new enemy, wherever she goes. She's the type of person that people love to hate. She's bossy, sassy, and doesn't care what anyone thinks. Yet, at the same time she can be extrememly sensitive. Even though she doesn't care what you think, she is affected if anyone says hurtful things about her. She loves being in the lime light, and its a constant competition between her and her older brother. Yes, she is a DIVA!!!

Then there's Caleb So'i Ako Saaga

Pictures are worth a thousand words, and these pictures are telling me, Dr. Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde. I sometimes think he's bipolar! He is the sweetest kid at times who goes out and picks you flowers, and gives you gifts, and then all of a sudden something flips and he'll be screaming and threatening to kill you! Somebody get this child some help. Lol. But one thing that remains constant is that he always defends his loved ones. He is their bodyguard, and he doesn't care who you are, he's got it set in his mind that he can take you down. Its kinda scary.

And here's the baby, Curt Nono'a Saaga

I said this about all the kids when they were born, but I mean it this time. This is soooooooooo MY baby. I don't like to say this, but I have to admit, HE is my favorite. Probably because he's the last one. But he is different from the others. He's such a chill baby, and so easy to satisfy. He's super bright, I like to think. I actually feel like when I talk to him, he understands what I'm saying. I know it sounds crazy, but I'm sticking to it. Lol. He turns 1 in October, but his body says otherwise. He's such a fattie, and I LOVE IT!!!

Well, there you have it. My new housemates. I love them all!

Monday, August 4, 2008


It has finally come to that point where all good things must come to an end. Yes, the Twilight Series has reached its final climatic point. Don't worry, I won't be mentioning anything else for all those who haven't read "Breaking Dawn" yet. But I must say, it was definitely worth standing in line at Border's at 11:30pm. I was amazed to see how many people were there waiting to buy the book. I've always heard about these things, but never in my life have I actually attended such a gathering. I felt like I was in High School all over again, being surrounded by anxious, teenage girls. Giggling in anticipation for the release, discussing their own versions of what the book would be about. Talking about the characters as if they were real people. Everyone wishing, hoping they could find their own version of "Edward." Lol.

So for any of you who haven't read the book yet, prepare yourself for a day's worth of non-stop reading. You know it's bad when you get irritated when people interrupt your reading expecting you to do YOUR JOB!!! Lol. Tips weren't so great that day. But you know its worse when you go to CHURCH and all you can think about is that dang book! It'll probably take me a week to get over this whole vampire/werewolf trip. Happy reading!