Saturday, September 15, 2012

baptisms and touchdowns

a few weeks ago number 5 of 6 of the saaga clan got baptized! yup...this rascal kid stepped through the waters of baptism to come out clean and pure. what made the day extra special was that he got to share this precious moment with his cousin who turned eight a few weeks before he did. so double baptism!!! lol.  most of our family was able to be here with the two "converts" which made it doubly special. here's some pix from that morning.

me and so'i; malia and so'i with the grandparents; family photo op; the newly baptized members
club 8 don't hate! malia, malu boy (who flew in from hawaii the day before with his daddy) and so'i

family photo with the photographer...hahahahaha
after the baptism, everybody had rushed home to change clothes and get ready for his football game! yup...he's a busy one. get baptized in the morning, then play his heart out on the field in the afternoon.  and boy did he play hard. we were all sitting in the end zone, and his team was about 10-15 yards away from scoring. and then as we looked up we saw our little so'i running with the ball straight towards us!!! yup....he scored his first touchdown of the season and his team ended up winning!!! after the game i asked him...."so'i did you see us cheering for you when you scored?" and his reply in true so'i fashion, full of excitement, "YEAH! i saw ALL your FACES!" hahahaha this kid is 10 much! gotta love 'em. and then later we found out that he told one of his primary teachers about his touchdown and said "the holy ghost told me where to run!" such the enthusiastic kid! gotta luv it.

after his game, his older brothers had a game. kawika, who is now 13 has started playing for the westlake freshman team (even though he's still in 8th grade).  so we just walked on to the next field to watch the older boys.  after being slightly delayed due to thunderstorms in the area (never before have i seen so much lightning)...the game was on!!! their game was a little boring cuz they blew the other team away but the highlight was that both boys scored a touchdown...kawika and the newest addition to ka 'ohana saaga...d'armon auelua-natoa. i call him auaga cause he's an auelua/saaga...hence....AUAGA! hahahahaha. 

so'i with his proud grandfather and FAVORITE aunty
d'armon and kawika after winning their game
it was a great day full of family fun...even though i had to work later that day. one thing that stood out that day though, was that not only did these kids get support from their family, but practically their whole branch. they're so blessed to have such a huge support system from such a small branch. kawika's coaching staff is practically made up of all their branch members, so the stands are always full of people from Eagle Mountain 12th! i'm so grateful for the love and support they continually show my sister and her family. it makes me feel a lot better knowing that they're taken care of while i'm so far away from them. and yes...orem is FAR! oh....did i mention i moved to orem...the last place i ever thought i would end up. *heavy sigh* but i'll save that for another post.

Sunday, September 9, 2012 can suck it!!!

this post has been a long time coming now. the title pretty much sums it all up. SUCK! you come uninvited and turn our world upside down! we're no exception to your wrath...yet you didn't expect we'd fight you til the end! so hiyeeeeYAH! take that roundhouse kick to the gut and never come back! please? lol

timeless pic
for those that know my family, you know that the core...(or in the words of nacho libre...the 'nucleus') of everything KEO is our father....david maluae. many know him as the happy hawaiian who takes his smile everywhere he goes, who's not afraid to wave to complete strangers (who he later befriends after finding ANYTHING they may have in "oh you visiting from utah??? my kids moved over know anyone in saratoga springs??" hahaha). yup....dis guy...he can make a complete stranger his best friend in a matter of minutes. that just goes to show how big his heart is and many have been the recipients of his unconditional love.

for our family...he's been our rock. the calm through every storm we've had to endure. especially lately with mom being so sick, he has always been by her side. always cracking jokes with her and everyone else who would come to visit. just doing what he does best...make people smile.  but now it was her turn. our turn. to be the rock for him. to be the ones that he could lean on and depend on.

waiting for daddy to wake up
friday june 15 dad was admitted to the utah valley regional hospital in provo, utah. after complaining of headaches, and achy legs, he visited the doctor to find that there was some bleeding in his brain. a cat scan was later conducted to get a better idea of what was going on and that's where they found four masses (possible tumors). he was scheduled immediately for surgery the next day. long story short, surgery was a success. they were able to remove two of the tumors (yup we later found out they were tumors), and because the other two were in vital areas of his brain, they doctors opted not to remove them. so they decided to do radiation instead to shrink them. a total of 14 treatments were then scheduled over the next few weeks.

feeling better
the next few days post surgery were a little tough considering dad was sleeping the whole time. although the doctors were encouraged that he was making a great recovery, we couldn't tell because he was asleep. but thanks to the many phone calls/texts/facebook messages and of course prayers and made the wait that much more bearable.  when dad finally woke up (about three days later) he wasn't quite the same. aside from being weak and bed ridden for the next few weeks, he was QUIET and barely spoke. talk about full on 180....this podagee who always had something to say about anyone/anyplace/anytime/anyTHING....was speechless! lol. i laugh now but it was actually pretty scary...facing the realization that he may never be the same. *sigh*

well fortunately he's a fighter. the next week or so he stayed in the ICU so they could better monitor his recovery, and not too long after he was transferred to the physical therapy unit of the hospital. and talk about intensive therapy...his whole day was full of various sessions of speech therapy, occupational therapy and physical therapy. not to mention he still had to finish up his radiation regimen. doesn't that sound like a lot for someone who just got out of brain surgery two weeks ago? is. good news...daddy's a SOULJAH and took it like a champ!  the nurses would always talk about how much progress he would be making each day. and soon enough dad was telling us all about his adventures in therapy himself.

"ho guess how far i walked today? 2000 yards!"
progress....talking for da

"ho guess how many stairs i went climb today? 25!"

"eh...waste time speech therapy! i know how fo' talk!"

hahaha...towards the end of his staycation at the hospital he was goin off saying all kine random things. talking about how he hates the hospital food. one time when i was trying to get him to eat his food he said, "the only way i goin eat this is if they give me pakalolo!" heeeeeellllooooo!!!! hahahaha. the nurse was looking at us funny and was like, "what's pakalolo?" so i told him "weed...u guys get?" hahahaha. too much this guy! and this is when we knew it was time for him to come home.

as i'm finishing up this post, i realize its been almost 2 months since daddy's been out of the hospital. he hasn't fully weak at times, and takes a lot of naps. however, he's doing his best to keep busy. he writes everything...and i mean EVERYTHING down. from what he ate for lunch, to who bought it for him and from where! lol. it may seem a little OCD but this daily activity helps to keep his brain active. the one thing that is difficult for him though is his ability to hear. his hearing aid totally died on him, and after sending it in to get fixed he went to a hearing specialist and found out that he can go in for surgery to get his hearing fixed. kaloz. but other than that he's doing just fine.
eating dinner with naona

we want to thank everyone for everything you've down for us during this time. from stopping by just to say hi to whoever was there, to providing full on meals. also for all those who have continually kept dad in your prayers....we thank you. you have no idea what it all means to us, and we are forever grateful for everything. his health is slowly improving and he is out and about spending time with his family. he will be in utah for a little least until he gets his strength back. until then feel free to give him a call, or post on his (or any of his kids) facebook. he's always happy to hear from his friends.

Friday, June 15, 2012

love life and nosy people

so life has been CRAZY busy the past month...and it continues to look like that the rest of the summer. but i came across this ecard (you know those hilarious little sayings put up on retro looking cards) and thought i'd blog about it because it was hilarious!

so i've been meeting a lot of new people through work lately and as soon as they find out i'm not married they start asking about my dating life. seriously? i JUST met you...anyhoo..this ecard pretty much sums up my response to each of these ni'ele (nosy) people. hahaha! i feel like i should turn this into a shirt and wear it to every new event we have at work. it would just make life so much easier. lol.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

convos with mama

as the parentals get seems their conversations or one liners get crazier and funnier. so i just had to document this short little tid bit between mi madre and the niece.

niece (while texting from her g-ma's phone): you have free texts?


niece: mama!

madre: what?

niece: do you have free texts?

madre (grouchily): eh...i don't have ANY money on me!

niece: *giggles* what?!

madre: oh..what did you say?

me: eh...she asked if you have free texts

madre: OH! i though you asked if i had three cents!

me and the niece: BUAHAHAHAHA!!!

me: ummm...why would she ask you THAT?! what is she gonna do with THREE CENTS?!

hahahahahaha!!! kalofae that old lady. she just gets crazier and crazier! gotta luv her.

Monday, April 30, 2012

mini spring break with the saaga's

back in my younger years, i remember always looking forward to the different breaks we had in school. spring break being one of them. because usually it meant we got to spend everyday doing nothing but watch tv, play outside or at the beach, or just be a mall rat. back then spring break always fell around the last week of march...which was perfect because we usually had perfect weather. then i grew up. boo. and unless you're a teacher, sorry bout it but no spring break for you!

so....what's the next best alternative? living vicariously through nieces and nephews who still have a week off in the middle of spring. last year it was spent on the west coast at disneyland...this year...east coast to washington d.c. and new york city!!!! so of course being the cool awesome SINGLE aunt that i am...i HAD to tag along. lol. the next few days were all a blur...but there's nothing like experiencing new things with the people you love. since talking about everything would take too long, here's a quick summary:

*smithsonian museum of natural history*walking around the DC mall*picture taking at the capitol*driving for days looking for a restaurant*late night packing*early wake up call for breakfast*checking in 9 people and 12 bags*flying into NYC*picking up the rental car*upgrading car to fit all of us*driving for 2.5 hours in traffic to jersey*naptime*driving through tolls for days*TIMES SQUARE*seeing BFF on billboard in times square*toys 'r us*bubba gumps*red stairs*nighty night*sleeping in*driving through new tunnel back to city*walking 2 miles more than we needed to*missing our appt*lunchtime*sassy subway workers*9/11 memorial*empire state building*hailing a cab...FAIL*dirty subway stations*cruise mode back to jersey*ruby tuesdays for dinner*worst service EVER*jon ken po tourney with the little boys*packing*rest*flying back to bootah*

its all a blur...reflections on the metro
holy mammoth!

saaga's and aunty mahea
sisters at capitol hill
entering the concrete jungle
drive into jersey

toys 'r us in times square
9/11 memorial
movin' on the top of the empire state building
view from the top
tryna hail a cab..but they must've been intimidated by our party of 9! lol
the closest we got to lady liberty that weekend. hahahaha. kaloz to deeeeep sleepers
waiting for the subway after a looooooong day of walking
and that's all folks!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

easter weekend

after being out of town every weekend for the whole month of march, it was nice to take a break from flying and stay home for the weekend. my saturday was spent sleeping in...organizing the room a lil bit and relaxing at the sisters house watching some tv...a luxury we don't get at home considering we cut off our cable last year. it was nice to watch everything on something other than a 13-inch computer screen.  a movie day/night wouldn't be complete without some pizza to go along with it. so we turned on the pizza sign and got the wet bar ready for din din. 

luv me some good pizza. the rest of the evening was spent catching up with a good friend at "smart cookie" a new fave dessert spot here in utah. their sugar cookies are divine.  

with it being easter sunday the next day it was vital that i make it to church. especially since i haven't been to my ward for a whole month. so of course...i slept in again and missed church. lol. it was a quiet easter this year. 2 of my 4 utah families were out of town, so we went to the oler household for easter lunch. it was hard to really get into the spirit of this holiday with everyone else out of town...but we made the most of it for our two little easter bunnies. its a good thing they're only one and didn't notice that we (the parents and the aunties) totally failed this easter. waiting at the very last minute we found out our easter bin in storage only had grass and no eggs. lol. so we had to improvise and ended up using the same 10 eggs our cousin ang had. its a good thing these kids are only one cause they didn't notice us recycling the eggs they would find. hahaha. ghetto i know...but we do what we can. they still had fun. at least they had super cute easter baskets this year, and not a plastic bag like our kids normally sport. hahaha.
twinkies ready for church in their easter attire
me and sister are so egg-cited bout
maluae and deighton aka maluae's body guard lol
their first egg hunt
tita and her body guard

the rest of the evening was spent watching tv...again. lol. so needless to say it was a nice lazy weekend. which is just what i needed after a month of being on the go everyday. but i think i need to get out of this lazy mode because i've missed working out three days this week! no bueno. but i'm off to the east coast on friday to meet up with the sisters and chillenz to finish off their spring break in NYC!!! i love that city! "on-the-go" mode here i come!!!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

THE wedding

this was probably the busiest i've ever been...preparing for a wedding. note to self...marry someone rich so i can hire people to do everything! but it all paid off because in the end everything came together beautifully!!! and after seeing my two besties at the happiest they've ever been...i'd do it all over again.

so since march was wedding month, i had spent the first two weekends flying to cali to help out with as much as i could. and then i flew out the weekend before the wedding and stayed until the big day. i brought my sister along with me the week of the wedding cause i knew there would be a lot to do. and boy was a right. as soon as we got there we went straight to work. here's a play by play of our schedule for that week:

- arrive in orange county and head out to coto de caza (where the real housewives of orange county live) to pick up the brides head piece and a few silver platters for the hors d'oeuvres
- head out to murrieta thinking we would get some shut eye. WRONG. programs had to be glued to cardstock, on both instead of waiting til the next day we started it up at midnight and finished by 4am.

- BALL day! cutting out 1800 paper circles...then folding and gluing them together to make a total of 90 balls! this took us literally ALL day...from 10am-7am the next day

- day of rest...oh wait...that is after ironing approximately 100 chair ties.

- ironing 30+ huge table cloths
- ironing 100 seat covers and figuring out how to store them

- salon day!!! getting our nails did with the bride
- continue ironing 200+ more seat covers

- visiting the venue to map out the ceremony
- chopping up veggies, baking cakes and making pudding for desserts, and skewering grapes for pupu's

- rehearsal day! headed up to long beach early to get a few last minute items for the wedding
- arriving at the chapel on time...only to wait an hour since everyone else (who lived the closest) came late. hahaha.

- crunch time...chopping up the rest of the fruit for the hors d'oeuvres.
- practicing the taualuga with the bride
- loading up the cars with everything that needed to be transported to the venue the next morning

- waking the bride up at 6am to start getting ready
- waking up the rest of the bridesmaids to get ready as well before heading over to the venue to help set up
- returning to the house to send the bride and groom off for the bridals while the rest of us get ready...
- head to the venue and then....GAME TIME!!!!

everything about that day was BEAUTIFUL!!! and i know i've said this before but i'm over the moon happy for these two...because of everything that they have both gone through to finally come together. and i'm just so happy to have met both of them and be part of that special day. here's some pix from that crazy week!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

the besties

in a previous post i know i mentioned that two of my very best friends were getting each other. this was definitely a first for me...the whole being close to both the bride and the groom. so naturally i was chosen to be the maid of honor. hahaha...nah..jk. well...the time has come for these two to get married. but before i get to that i have to share the story of how i've come to know these two beautiful people...and how it alllllll happened.

first meet the ana eileen aiono
she and i met in the spring of 2006. she and her niece, morgan, just moved out to hawaii from arizona and started working with me at turtle bay. because they were new to the island, i took pity on them since they had no friends and introduced them to my friends. hahahaha...totally kidding bout the taking pity part...but i did befriend them and introduce them to the YSA scene in laie. they came at the right time too because me and my roommates were in the process of house hunting for a bigger place, and since ana and momo were so over paying for their overpriced apartment, we invited them to move in with us. and that began our bond as musicbox sistahs for life!

then there's the groom....gregory robert dowden
we first officially met the summer of 2007 at a ysa ward activity. i had always heard so much about him from my other friends who went to school with him at byuh his freshmen year. he left for a mission, went to school in utah for a couple years and returned to byuh to finish up. i would always hear stories about them and this white boy greg. so when i first met him...he was like..."hi..i'm greg." and instantly i knew...he was the white boy. it wasn't until later that year...after winter ball i think, where we became close. next thing i know is i was picking him up from the airport after his winter break and we hung out pretty much everyday after that.

 they both met each other in the ward the same year i met greg. ana's sister in law is from the same area greg's from and she actually worked at his high school. so when he first came back to hawai'i that's how he introduced himself to ana. but i don't think they started hanging out til later in 2008 when ana came back to visit and i was hanging out with naturally she started hanging with him as well. then when he went back to cali that year, they met up there and started hanging out there, and developed a lasting friendship. they've seen each other make it and break it with past relationship, yet always seemed to miss each other when it came to developing that "more than friends" relationship. but now finally after 4 years...they have turned a new page in each others lives, and are not stuck with each other..FOOORRRREEEEVVVEEERRRR!!! lol

Monday, February 27, 2012

twinkies turn ONE!!!

it has been a loooooooong time coming now...but my twin niece and nephew have finally turned ONE!!! these two little munchkins have been a huge blessing for our family...especially their parents. i still remember the days where 1...we found out honey girl was pregnant...and then 2...finding out that she was having TWINS...then 3...discovering that one of her little peanuts had a peanut and one didn't....and then 4...welcoming them into the world. since i live with them...i've been there with them every step of the way. from rushing over to the hospital with my older sister after working graveyard shifts with take the morning shift as the parentals changing dirty bums and spit up when the formula didn't agree with them. a lot has happened within the past year, so what better way to celebrate their 1 year mark than with a baby lu'au?!

this party has been in the planning/prepping stages for months....literally! and thank goodness because if we had left everything at the last minute i think i would have wanted to shoot myself. hahaha. but even though we had prepped almost half of the decorations before hand, there was still A LOT to do the week of. what seemed to make it even more stressful was that we only had 3 hours to setup!!! yup....we found out later that the chapel we were using for the party was having stake baptisms earlier in the day, so we weren't allowed to set anything up the day before. talk about stress alert! but thanks to the many helping hands of family and friends, we were able to git'er done just in time for all the guests, and the party was a HUGE success. mahalo nunui to everyone who came and contributed to this milestone for our twinkies!!!

some of the decor

games station that go toe' up by the end of the night

more decor

dessert table

the two happy one year olds sporting their hau'ula's da shorts/skirt...meeeean bu!

Friday, February 17, 2012

baby names

last weekend i took a quick trip home just to escape the cold weather in utah. while walking home from the beach one day i was talking to my niece about her new brother that is expected to come in may. just a little background...this is my oldest brother's (aaron) eldest child that i was talking to. my brother's three kids are the same age as my sister's (leone) youngest three kids. so when they get together, they are practically inseparable. niece that i was talking to loves her saaga cousins so much...this conversation is definitely evidence of that.

me: so naona are you excited you're having a new baby brother?

naona: yup.

me: what's his name?

naona: teancum. that's daddy's favorite person in the scriptures.

me: oh

naona: yeah..but we have to think of a hawaiian name for him. like the rest of us.

me: oh yeah...and which family name will he have? you have kamaka'ala (her mother's maiden name), malu boy has rivers (my mother's maiden name), and hiwa has sproat (her maternal grandmother's maiden name). so what name do you think your baby brother is gonna have?

naona: ummm...i don't know...maybe saaga?!

me: buahahahahaha!!!!! GIRL...das your uncle ope's family not your dads!

omg...i just had to post this for memory's sake. that girl has just spent toooooo much time with her saaga cousins.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

aloha THURSDAY!!!!

the beach down the road from my childhood home

i'm so ready to get outta here for a much needed vacation. i know you're probably thinking "what?! you just got back from a trip to ny and phx?!?!?!" those were hecka fun...but not quite relaxing. so now i'm going to my favorite place....home. ready to get some much needed sun and relaxation. its the perfect time to fly standby since all the other poly's and their mama here in slc are flying down to vegas for the rugby 7's. so bring on the poke and and kimo's pancakes...cinnamon's red velvet pancakes...storto's deli sandwiches...sharks cove grill veggie burger...shokudo's honey toast...and ERRRRRRRRRRthang else!!! diet goin out the window this weekend! lol.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

prayer, meditation and dance central

this past saturday was the 2nd stop in a 3-part bridal shower series. with the eat, pray, love themed bridal shower extravaganza, and the "eat" part already taken care was time to head out to india, arizona for some prayer and self discovery. since the bride to be spent most of her time living in arizona, (and with the maitron of honor living there), it was only appropriate to have everyone there join in on the celebration.

the beautiful matiron of honor (niece of the bride), ms. morgan casey gilmore along with her mother (sister of the bride) played hostess to the festivities. to keep with the "pray" theme, the gilmore home was transformed into our very own indian temple. complete with specific chakra colors chosen for the bride.

red...the ground spirit forces in body
orange...sacral...utilization of creative forces in all aspects of being
green...heart...release emotionally suppressed trauma
indigo...third eye...clearing subconscious to channel intuition

it was beautiful! the mellow bollywood tunes playing in the background definitely set the mood and had everyone feeling like we were in india.

later...alberta...the bride's eldest sister, who just so happens to be a practicing yogi lead us in some simple meditation and prayer exercises that put us all in a state of peace...and sore arms. lol. the food was delicious...and the company was more than entertaining. one of the highlights of the night for myself was meeting up with this beautiful mama.

i've known ms. robin almost as long as i've known ana and morgan, and now that she resides in arizona, it was so nice to see her and just crack up for days talking about all our adventures back in hawai'i.

after we got all relaxed and ready for bed...morgan just had to challenge us all in the art of dance! lol. so this is what we spent the rest of the night doing. lol.

it was nice to chill and hang out with the rest of ana's family out in az...even if it was for a short trip. this just makes me even more excited for the final shower in cali...where we'll be celebrating love in bali, california.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

i wanna be a LOSER...

i know everyone sets the goal with each new year to release some excess weight...yet this year i'm DETERMINED!!! i actually started working on my release in late november. PERFECT time to start with thanksgiving and the holidays just around the corner right?! well...i didn't care. i was in "i'm-gonna-be-in-a-wedding-line" mode, and was determined to make that lifestyle change.

so i'm happy to say....IT'S WORKING! they say if you do something consistently for 21 days it then becomes a habit. well...i'm a habitual "worker-outer"...hahaha. yup. i've been going to the gym consistently at least 4-5 times a week for a month!!! this may not seem like such a big deal to some, but for me this is HUGE! i haven't worked out on a consistent basis like this since i was in high school!!! but i do it. a lot of it has to do with my new work schedule which actually allows me to wake up early(er than normal for me) at 9am to get ready to go to the gym. but i feel like i have no life during the week. this has been my normal schedule mon-fri this past month:

*wake up at 9am and get ready for the gym*
*zumba classes usually start between 10-1030..depending on what gym we go to*
*get home by 12pm to make lunch*
*get ready for work at the hawaiian cultural center (work 2pm-6pm)*
*get home in time for a quick dinner*
*jump on the phones by 715pm and work my normal 8 hr shift with delta*
*off the phones by 345am...straight to bed for a quick snooze before starting all over again the next day*

seems crazy right?! well...there are some days where i have friends at delta pick up the first few hours of my shift, so i can take a little break here and there. or i'll take a day off with the hawaiian cultural center (LOVE that they're super flexible).

you would think that i can catch up on rest over the weekend right?! WRONG...i've been busy almost every weekend so far this year...and will continue to have something going on clear until april! between bridal showers, hawaiian community events, and girls has kept me busy busy busy!!! and i LOVE it!

so with all this work and working out going're probably it working? well i'm happy to say it is...little by little. one of the biggest things that has helped me out has been the new app i downloaded, lose it! i say how much i wanna lose each week, and it gives me a daily calorie allowance. i've never been more conscience of what i ate. but its working. i'm already down 6 pounds since i started 2 weeks ago!!! so here's to a healthier new year!!!

Monday, January 30, 2012


"these streets will make you feel brand new, big lights will inspire you, hear it for NEW YORK!"
-alicia keys-

yup...just got back a few days ago and i wanna go back! i never thought i would have enjoyed myself in the big apple as much as i did this weekend. i'm not gonna lie...i'm not that big of a city girl. i like my country side and big open spaces. crowded cities annoy me. BUT...its always been a dream of mine to go to new york city...mostly because of everything that i've seen on tv and in movies. everything just looks so exciting!!! so i've always told myself that i will go there someday....and it has finally happened!!!

so thursday night two of my long time girlfriends (who happen to both be married with kids...props to their husbands for letting them go) and i started our journey. since we all have flight benefits we had always talked about going on a girls trip for some time we were excited that it actually worked out this time.

here are some of the highlights of our quick trip:

*getting help from all the friendly people of NYC who could tell we weren't from there from the "i'm totally lost" look on our face"
*getting yelled at by the subway conductor for walking too*
*walking in the rain...which really wasn't that bad because it was surprisingly warm*
*meeting lia (our hostess with the mostess) and baby nohea (the cutest lil chubba lubba ever)*
*feeling artsy and learning some history at the met*
*chicken and rice*
*getting yelled at by the chicken and rice guy for taking too long to order....even when we were the ONLY ones there*
*yummy red velvet cupcake from magnolia bakery*
*rockefeller center*
*manhattan temple*
*times square*
*the red amazing*
*john's pizza...where the bruschetta was waaaaaaay good*
*cruisin it back to brooklyn to take lia back to her hotel*
*talking story with the cab driver back to OUR hotel*
*being informed that the pepsi cola sign along the manhattan not a warehouse...just a (inside joke)*
*finally getting some much needed rest*
*waking up late, but still making time to tame the*
*catching the PATH to hoboken, nj which was surprisingly fast and easy*
*carlo's bake shop...where i discovered the lobster tail pastry doesn't have ANY lobster in it*
*walking around the outside of the world trade center memorial*
*battery park*
*staten island ferry*
*statue of liberty*
*talking story for days on the way back to times square, only to discover we passed it by 7 stops*
*eating dinner at bubba gumps at times square where the waiters "yelled" happy birthday for savani*
*enjoying the stop and go cab ride to the airport*
*walking 5 miles to our gate...ok maybe not that long but dang it was far*
*making it back to slc safe and sound*

the met

rockefeller center

times square and broadway

chicken and rice and carlo's bake shop pastries

home of the cake boss

now that i'm home...i can't wait to go back! there's so much more i wanna maybe in april???