Saturday, September 15, 2012

baptisms and touchdowns

a few weeks ago number 5 of 6 of the saaga clan got baptized! yup...this rascal kid stepped through the waters of baptism to come out clean and pure. what made the day extra special was that he got to share this precious moment with his cousin who turned eight a few weeks before he did. so double baptism!!! lol.  most of our family was able to be here with the two "converts" which made it doubly special. here's some pix from that morning.

me and so'i; malia and so'i with the grandparents; family photo op; the newly baptized members
club 8 don't hate! malia, malu boy (who flew in from hawaii the day before with his daddy) and so'i

family photo with the photographer...hahahahaha
after the baptism, everybody had rushed home to change clothes and get ready for his football game! yup...he's a busy one. get baptized in the morning, then play his heart out on the field in the afternoon.  and boy did he play hard. we were all sitting in the end zone, and his team was about 10-15 yards away from scoring. and then as we looked up we saw our little so'i running with the ball straight towards us!!! yup....he scored his first touchdown of the season and his team ended up winning!!! after the game i asked him...."so'i did you see us cheering for you when you scored?" and his reply in true so'i fashion, full of excitement, "YEAH! i saw ALL your FACES!" hahahaha this kid is 10 much! gotta love 'em. and then later we found out that he told one of his primary teachers about his touchdown and said "the holy ghost told me where to run!" such the enthusiastic kid! gotta luv it.

after his game, his older brothers had a game. kawika, who is now 13 has started playing for the westlake freshman team (even though he's still in 8th grade).  so we just walked on to the next field to watch the older boys.  after being slightly delayed due to thunderstorms in the area (never before have i seen so much lightning)...the game was on!!! their game was a little boring cuz they blew the other team away but the highlight was that both boys scored a touchdown...kawika and the newest addition to ka 'ohana saaga...d'armon auelua-natoa. i call him auaga cause he's an auelua/saaga...hence....AUAGA! hahahahaha. 

so'i with his proud grandfather and FAVORITE aunty
d'armon and kawika after winning their game
it was a great day full of family fun...even though i had to work later that day. one thing that stood out that day though, was that not only did these kids get support from their family, but practically their whole branch. they're so blessed to have such a huge support system from such a small branch. kawika's coaching staff is practically made up of all their branch members, so the stands are always full of people from Eagle Mountain 12th! i'm so grateful for the love and support they continually show my sister and her family. it makes me feel a lot better knowing that they're taken care of while i'm so far away from them. and yes...orem is FAR! oh....did i mention i moved to orem...the last place i ever thought i would end up. *heavy sigh* but i'll save that for another post.

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Tina said...

I'm way late, but that was great being able to attend So'i's baptism :)