Thursday, April 18, 2013

excuse my absence

HOI its definitely been a long time since my last post....but for good reason. so much has happened that its tooo much to write in one post. so here's a quick lil flashback from october to today. omg...i just realized that its been 6 months! well here you go...whoever you are that still reads my blog.

october: took dad home for his final days....halloween with the whole family in hawaii.
november: greatest man on this earth left to prepare our mansion above *miss you dad*
december: flying back and forth to be with the madre before a dull christmas in utard
january: more flying...and eventually brought the madre up to utah to reside with her favorite daughter of course
february: biggest loser challenge
march: lifestyle changes
april: annoying health issues arise

well that's it in a nutshell. obviously more blogs will be posted to explain in further detail. but for now i'll let you simmer on that. lol. its been a rough six months but i just keep on keepin' on. i look forward to what this year has to offer. 2 more months til i hit the big...dare i say it...3....0!!! oh boy. got some fun plans for that one, and i hope it goes through. until then my blog-owers....


saintlai said...

yay - can't wait to celebrate the big 3-0! hahaha

Line said...

blog more! lol. you would never know being around you that it's been a hard 6 months- you're always so positive and fun. love you girl