Monday, March 29, 2010

Has it seriously been 21 days since my last entry??? I guess its safe to say that work has totally been keeping me preoccupied. Not to mention that I got a totally cool new toy that has kept me away from my laptop for weeks. LOL! Yes...I am officially a member of the cool iPhone club. Thank you very much. But needless to say, life has been busy. Both at Delta and the Hawaiian Cultural Center. With Delta training coming to an end (WOOT WOOT), I am ready to embark on the wonderful journey of taking calls. It has been a week so far since we've been released to the "wolves", but life has still maintained its to speak. I owe it all to my amazing coworkers who help me forget about each frustrating call. Their crazy antics in and out of the workplace always seem to keep me on my toes. LOL. is great. The parentals flew out here last week...finally taking advantage of their flying benefits. Did I mention how AWESOME these benefits are? Lol. Ok...I'll stop. Dad and Aaron celebrated their birthdays today, and since they were both in separate states, they each got their own cake. Precious. The Center is doing great. We've had a few activities the past couple weekends, and I've been seeing new faces coming around, so that's always a good thing.

I've been staying in Salt Lake most of the time, so I haven't been able to see the family as much, which is a bit of a bummer. But its been really helpful on my wallet. But man...these kids never cease to surprise me. The other day I got a text from my cousin, who was taking her daughter, and my niece along with some other girls out for her daughter's little birthday party. Her daughter, Briana, has a little friend, of whom I'm not the biggest fan of. In an attempt to prevent this girls (her name is Clarissa) attitude from rubbing off on my already cheeky niece, I told my niece, "you better not let that girl boss you around. And better better not act like her, or you're gonna get it." So this little piece of friendly advice was offered over a month ago. Little did I know that my niece would take that to hear, let alone remember it. my cousin was picking up her daughter's friends, what happens to escape my niece's mouth as Clarissa gets in the car?????

"My aunty said she doesn't like you!" cousin just about died. She text me the incident and I was rolling. So it's totally true what they say. Children are MORE than impressionable...and they do say the darndest things. So be careful what you say in front of them, because it just might bite you in the butt! LOL!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Taking Calls....

Lately in training, I've been thrown onto the phones...taking live calls. This...surprisingly is the highlight of my day because it allows me to put all that I've learned so far to work. Also, it exposes me to the different kinds of callers I get each day. From people who need assistance with simple tasks such as having a ticket reissued to having their pets cleared to board the plane. But the most entertaining calls, are the ones from the "special" people. They are the BEST!!! LOL! I know its mean...but its their crazy antics that make me appreciate this job more and more.

For example:

Today I got a call from a woman who needed to make sure that her service animal was cleared to sit with her in the cabin. This is absolutely allowed on any of our flights, so in order to better serve her, I needed to get a little more information from her. And it just showed that even the simple things, like spelling your name, can be a bit of a difficult task for some.

ME: "Could you please spell your name for me, phonetically?"

CALLER: "What do you mean by 'phonetic'?

ME: "You S as in Sam...C as in Charlie, and so forth"

CALLER: "OK...sure. So my last name is S as in Sam, C as in Charlie, H as in Harry, I as in Igloo, N as in.........N?......hmmmm....N?.........hmmmmmm.....n.....(and it was quiet for literally 30 seconds).

ME (thinking): Are you serious?????? Buahahahahahahaha

CALLER: "What starts with N?????"

ME: "Do you mean N as in Nancy?"

CALLER: "YES...YES!!! Nancy Nancy!"

Oh man....its callers like these that make me LOVE my job! LOL!!

Saturday, March 6, 2010


The past few weeks I have been a lone ranger on the road, driving to and from work everyday. This has left me with a lot of time to listen to the radio (which btw...Utah stations suck!), listen to my iPod, and at times listen to my thoughts. It wasn't until early this morning, as I was driving home from the airport (picking up some stuff my friends so graciously brought back from Hawaii) that it finally hit me. OH-EM-GEE....I'm a UTAH-AN!!!!!!! I don't know why I haven't realized this sooner.....but ummmm...yeah...I am! As far as how I feel about this...I'm not so sure. I'm still trying to process it, but I'll let you know when I figure it out.

I guess for the past few months I've been transitioning exceptionally well given that I live with my sister and her kids, which pretty much makes up HALF of my family. Not to mention I've been working at the Hawaiian Cultural Center all this time, which makes me feel like I'm back home everyday I'm there. It's uncanny.

But as I drove down 12600S on my way to Draper to pick up an Orange Dream machine, the realization finally hit me...I am LIVING in Utah. LOL!!!