Monday, May 16, 2011

land of disney

if i knew creating a talking mouse cartoon would allow me to have a whole "land" park named after me, i would've done that a looooooong time ago! disney....where did you ever come up with the idea to create something so amazing?!?!

i had the opportunity to free my inner child last week as i revisited the happiest place on earth ...disneyland. i've frequented the park many times before, but this was my first time (in a long time) going with people under the age of 18. lol. little humans (thank you arizona from grey's anatomy for introducing me to the new slang for 'children') are by far the BEST to roam the magical kingdom with. the excitement in their eyes...the screams and giggles on every ride...and the nonstop urge to run towards every ride in sight! pure awesomeness!

the day started off with a scrumptious breakfast courtesy of the marriott residence inn in garden grove. if you have a big family and are looking for reasonable accommodations, this is the place. when the sis told me breakfast was available downstairs...i was expecting your usual donuts, cereal and fruits. i was pleasantly surprised to be greeted by a full on breakfast buffet complete with waffle bar!!! my fave!!! so...naturally we all stuffed our faces (and our ziploc sis brought those down with her...hahahaha) with everything in sight. this was all in preparation for the mad amount of walking/running that awaited us.

then we were off. and of course a saaga family trip wouldn't be complete without someone forgetting something. this was one of the kids tickets to the park. so the sis caught the shuttle back to the hotel while i forged on with the little humans. after getting off the first ride, sister caught up with us. as we headed towards MY favorite ride...indiana jones temple of doom...that's where we checked off another saaga family trip 'must do.' we lost not one...but TWO children. yup. kawika and latafale, in all their excitement, RAN off to the indiana jones ride, and ended up going the wrong way. by the time the rest of us got to the entrance to the ride, they were no where to be found. so we waited for a good half hour to 45 minutes until their glorious return, where they were greeted with the signature saaga slap to the back of the neck! hahahaha!

the day continued with more rides...more laughing...and more ulavale kids getting lickins. lol. we ventured over to the california adventure side of the park and it was pretty cool. it was my first time there, so of course i wanted to try to squeeze in as many rides as i could. the roller coaster, ferris wheel, swings, hollywood tower hotel and a few more. by the time we were done i was pooped! and it was only 4 o'clock! but the brother in law showed up with a bag full of jacks (that's jack-in-the-box for those of you not up to par with the fast food lingo) which was the sustenance we needed to charge on thru the next four hours (the park closed at 8).

after our lunner (get it...lunch + we headed back to fantasy land to relax the rest of the night. we thought. those dang little humans turned into little DEVILS by the end of the day!!! they were running all over the place trying to get on every ride they could. it was pretty ridiculous. ok...maybe i'm exaggerating...but i mean c'mon give me a break. my feet hurt and i was dead tired. so we got as many rides/pictures/shows in as we could til we finally bid farewell to walt's wonderland. we made our way back to the hotel just in time to get a good soak in the hot tub...and then it was moe moe time.

all in all...the trip was definitely one to remember. it just makes me that much more excited to go back with the rest of the 'ohana. thank you mr disney...and big mahalo to the saaga's for the SPONSORING this memorable trip. lol. luv them!

p.s. pictures coming soon...

Friday, May 6, 2011

mom sad...this was the only pic i had of her on my

with mother's day coming up, i can't help but be overwhelmed with gratitude for the woman who brought me into this world. as i was browsing through previous posts, i noticed that i had a few entries about my dad, but not too many about mi madre. you go mom...this ones for crazy lady.

angeline lina keo....where do i even begin??? do i start with her intimidating demeanor when i was a tween/teen...where no matter what i said/ always seemed to irritate her? or do i start with the time she pulled me and my sister by the hair when we were fighting over something as ridiculous as who got to ride a stupid bike??? or maybe all the times she would sew all my outfits for may days/banquets/proms at the last minute and would be stitching me up as i'm walking out the door???

i can hear her saying "fia poko!" while she reads

*sigh* so much to be said about this woman, but if i had to describe her in just one word, it would probably be strict stubborn generous. lol. i mean...aside from always laying down the law with her kids...and everyone else's kids, (click here to see what i'm talkin bout) my mom would give the shirt/mu'umu'u off her back to anyone who needed it. and not to mention take in strays..(ahem dana and know i'm talking bout you) she always serving others no matter what, and taught all of us...her do the same. i love her for that.

she supported us with everything...and i mean EVERYTHING!!! i remember leaving school early most weekends during my elementary years because we had to drive to town to watch my brothers football games. i hated it because the games were soooooo long. especially when you had to watch TWO games! *bratty status right hurr! lol. but being the supportive mother, she would always drag us along. *small disadvantage of being the youngest...cause i swear nobody got dragged to any of MY volleyball games! lol

needless to say this lady has been there for it all. from waking up early to take us to the bus stop, to chasing the bus down when we slept in. from cleaning up cuts and scratches from falling off a bike, to giving us lickings for not being where we were supposed to be when falling off said bike.

i love you mom :)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


it has definitely been a minute since i last blogged. so much has gone on this year that i haven't even touched up on...mostly because its been CRAZY busy. since i got back from korea i have been on the go non-stop. with work, family, friends and more work...i haven't really had much time to do...well...pretty much anything. but here it is in a nutshell:

*february 19*twins*saj hilina'i*stein maluae*homeward bound*beach*tsunami*besties wedding*qt with bff's*back to bootah*work work and more work*homeward bound again*keo babies visit from hawaii*baby blessin*mini family reunion*family time*GNOs*beachin' it up*mayjah rayjah*beachin it with the twins*beach beach and more beach*boots and kimo's*work*LBC*besties birthday*oceanside dinners*karaoke*late night convos*early morning airport shuttles*back to reality*back to working 2 weeks straight

so that's pretty much it. life is good. what makes it even better is that i'll be working from home in approximately 6 weeks and i am soooooo stoked!!!! i can not wait!!!!