Wednesday, June 23, 2010

in loving memory

can't help but be filled with emotion today. its been 14 years today since the passing of my brother JASON KEAUNUI KEO. thats a little under half of my lifetime. its crazy to think that so much time has passed...but the day itself is still so clear. so vivid. the emotions always seem to come rushing back on his anniversary. but this year it is just a little more fresh...being away from home and not being able to go and visit with him.

and a little over a week ago we lost another beloved member of our family. dick. my sister's dog. it may not seem like a big deal to most, but that dog (the brown one) and his brother pitch (the black one) have been in our family for almost 10 years. their keen senses and positive attitudes towards everyone always seemed to brighten our day. he was diagnosed with bone cancer in his foot, and after amputating that leg, the cancer still seemed to spread throughout his body. so he was put down on Tuesday June 15th and his ashes were scattered later that saturday at waimea bay. so it has definitely been an emotional month.

however, through it all i am even more grateful for eternal families. i know dick is just cruising with jason and all the other loved ones who have gone before us. luv and miss u bro and dicky boy.... :(