Sunday, February 28, 2010

First Time Flyer

Training with Delta has gone smoothly so far. I have learned so much so far and it's only been two weeks! I *barely* passed my first assessment :) with a 95%. LOL. We have three assessments during training and then a Final at the end. We need an average of 85% in order to continue employment here. So I've got three more to go.

So, after a hard week of studying and pulling hair, I decided it was time for me to test out these benefits. I mean, why work here if I'm not going to fly. So I started small. A weekend retreat to visit my Murrieta (sp?) family. Boy, can I just tell you that it is sooooooooooooooo much better flying for free. The freedom to get on a plane whenever I please is so freaking awesome!!! So hop on a plane I did...the last flight out of Salt Lake City, headed to Orange County, California!!!

The one thing about being a "First Time Flyer" as an employee is the paranoia that lingers. Getting there was a breeze, but the return flights were a bit tricky. After missing the first two flights, I finally got on. Luckily the flights were within an hour of each other so the wait wasn't so bad. And it definitely helps to have my laptop handy.

I look forward to making more spontaneous trips in the near future. And because Delta is now the leading airline to travel to the most destinations...look out i come!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

training day...

its official folks. i started my DELTA TRAINING!!!!!!! woo hoo! and the best part...they told us that our flight benefits are effective IMMEDIATELY!!! can i get a woot woot!!! unfortunately, attendance is strictly enforced, so my trips need to be carefully planned to ensure my timely return back to the beehive state for work. today was only the second day, but i look forward to it being over soon. lol.

yesterday was probably the LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONGEST day of my life. it has been nearly 4 years since i've worked for "the man" and i am quickly reminded as of to why i have only returned now. but, that's the sacrifice i am more than willing to make to be the recipient of some amazing benefits.

training is to last a whole six weeks, after which we will be on probation til mid august. there is a butt load of information that i have to memorize, and my head hurts just thinking about it. eh...when i got the FAT binder, i thought to myself..."omg...i thought i finished school already?!" but as my brother would say....a means to an end....whatever that means. lol

Saturday, February 13, 2010

the office

the past week i have been a prisoner in my room. all because of this...

this show is so freakin' hilarious!!!! i don't know how i went so long without it.

but curse you for being the cause of my inproducitvity!


Thursday, February 11, 2010


i know its totally too late for a new year's post...but oh well. here are just a few snippets of the events of twenty-ten so far. or wut i have visually documented to say the least. a wedding and a baby shower.first up...the wedding of two of my favorite people...vernon and celia. their wedding was absolutely gorgeous...just like them. established: 1/16/2010

next was the baby shower for my favo cuzzie...tanya opu'ulani. after raising two strapping little boys, she has been fortunate to bring a beautiful princess into this world. this marked my first road trip to st. george (thanks sam), and although the trip was short, it was definitely worth it. i got to kick it with some great people, and establish some amazing memories. as of two days ago, cuzzie dearest has welcomed her new addition, baby tristyn, into the world. congrats tanz!

the transition to utah has been pretty easy...considering all the family and friends that i am surrounded with. the past few weekends were spent in provo catching up with my former roomies...kara, ofo and crystal. i look forward to more good times with them, as i've decided to join the poly singles ward out there. not sure how i feel about it yet, but i figure i should give it a chance.

work is just around the corner. training starts. kinda nervous..considering i haven't studied a lick of what's in the book they gave me. but that's how i roll. procrastination is key. lol. also...the hawaiian cultural center has been keeping me busy as well. i've been offered a part time position at the center as their task manager. this is a HUGE blessing because i've been looking for a small part time gig to go along with my job at delta. the pay is GREAT...and i'm able to do some work for home!!! how awesome is that?! more good news?! goldie is going all over the place! now to just get her insured and she is LEGAL!!!! (btw...goldie is my 'dollar' car).

life couldn't get any better. could...but you know what i mean. i'm just grateful for what i have, and am stoked to see wut the future has in store for me.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

random ramblings

there are so many things i wanna write about, but i feel like it won't be enough without a visual snippet. unfortunately, i can't find my cord to upload all the latest vids and pix. what can you do. its been nearly 6 weeks since i've moved to utah and i'm still doing the same thing. NOTHING!!! aside from my 4-hour "visits" to the hawaiian cultural center my days have been filled with camping on either facebook, netflix (gotta love the watch instantly shows) or cleaning house. BOOOOOOORRIIINNNG!!!! i've gone out here and there, but have chosen to stay at home mostly because i'm BUH-ROKE!!!! i don't start work for another two weeks and the anticipation is killing me!!! i HATE not working....especially not having any kind of income.

its gonna be so weird working in the "real world" again. i haven't had a "real" job in almost 4 years. kavaroots was strictly cash, and i got paid everyday!!! it was awesome. whenever i needed money, i'd just go work a day, and be set for the week. now i have to do what everyone else does....WAIT...two weeks for a paycheck....AND get TAXES taken out. ugh! BUT...i am just grateful to have a job. especially with delta. the benefits are amazing...and i can't wait to take advantage of those. i already have my weekend trips planned: l.a., long beach, birmingham...and who knows where else. the 'rents are planning on coming up too! they are loving it!!!

well...time to get ready to head out to the center. hopefully i find my cord soon. til then blog-world....