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this post has been a long time coming. every time i'd sit down and start to write, i'd get one line in and then end up hitting delete. what do i say? what do i write about? is this too much? too little? do i keep it light? or serious? where do i start? then i thought of the whole experience and thought to myself, "what do i want to remember most?" so here it is...through my eyes.

cruisin' at the huntsman center lobby listening to dads stories
TWO WEEKS: that's how much time the doctors gave him. the cancer was back, and more aggressive than before. surgery was an option, but it would only prolong the inevitable. so two weeks...that's all we had. we knew it was time to take him home. family and friends came to say goodbye...and somehow dad thought it was the perfect time for family home evening. lol. he cracked jokes...told random stories...and kept asking for filipino food (no idea where that came from). and then at the end of the night, it was as if he knew what was coming...he just quietly started bearing his testimony. he got so emotional when he started "scolding" us by saying "READ YOUR SCRIPTURES AND SPREAD THE GOSPEL!" he had two weeks...and that's how he wanted to spend it.

all settled in and ready for takeoff

THE FLIGHT: after getting the confirmation about dad's timeline, we worked quickly to get him home. thank you delta. hospice was set up...his hospital bed was on its way, and the family at home was making preparations for his return. we were on our way. aside from the minor setback with tsa because they couldn't believe the "indefinite" expiration date on his military id...the flight was nice and smooth. the gate agents were great. because it was such an empty flight...they let us board early. which was perfect because we needed that extra time to get him situated. once we got seated he was OUT! lol.

back home in his garage with his sweetheart. how's her swollen face?! lol kalofae.
HOME: everyone was anxious for dad to get home. aaron was there to pick us up, and we were country bound. slept the whole ride home lol. now that i think of it...he slept that whoooooooole day. i think those drugs did a number on him. once we got home, nui carried him straight to his room and he went straight to bed. lol. we, however, got the house ready for the many visitors we knew would be coming. his friends and and classmates would come buy to talk story, reminisce, play music, and just laugh alongside him. dad was himself once again. it was like he had gotten his second wind. it was a party every other day...a welcome home/farewell party all in one. sadly i missed most of this during the first week because i had to back for work. so by the time i got back, he slowly started to slow down. he talked less, slept more, more restless and so grouchy lol...well to us at least. this guy ALWAYS had a smile for his visitors...his family got the scowls hahahaha. 

every night someone had to sleep next to his bed in case he tried to...make a run for it! nah. he needed help walking, and since he didn't like waiting for anyone, we literally had to sleep right by his bed to make sure he didn't get up and hurt himself. oh and by we...i mean my nephew he was his papa's caregiver. one night, i remember i was on "sleeper" duty, so i got to sleep on the comfy cot next to dad's hospital bed. as i laid there...slowly drifting off to sleep, i remember tearing up a litle because i knew it was close to the end. as i wiped the tears away i felt a soft touch on my arm. when i opened my eyes, i saw dad leaned up against his bed rail and trying to reach through (remember its a hospital bed, so the bed rail had vertical imagine jail bars??? lol) to touch my arm. i could barely see his face, but when i looked in his eyes, i could tell he was trying to tell me everything's going to be ok. so i leaned in closer to him (or rather the bed rail lol), kissed his hand, and fell asleep to him just rubbing my arm. i will never forget that precious moment i had with my daddy. 
excuse my fat hand lol...this was taken at the hospital after his surgery
NOV 4th: sunday. it's been 13 days since we were told dad had two weeks. i remember waking up to aaron saying to come to the room. it might be time. we're all in the room. dad. mom. all of their children and grandchildren. we waited. sang hymns. waited some more. dad's breathing got heavy. more waiting. his breathing calms down. then he opens his eyes, and just looks at all of us...probably thinking "eh what you guys doing?!" hahahaha. we're all there crying our eyeballs out and this guys sikes us out! once we realize that it's NOT time, we all breathe a sigh of relief and go about the day. some head up to church. others start cleaning the garage and backyard...getting ready for the visitors we know will be coming over. and boy did they come. all our family and close friends came and brought way too much food while everyone took turns going in to visit with dad. at one time it was like a party with everyone singing and dancing for dad while he lay in his bad just smiling away. it was perfect. the amount of love that was felt that night..was just unreal. i'm so grateful to know that  my life and whole upbringing is rooted in such a strong foundation of amazing people. mahalo. you all know who you are.

just some of the many visitors...thank you

NOV 5th...8:08am: with his eternal companion by his side, and his children and grandchildren all daddy DAVID MALUAE KEO peacefully left his earthly body to return back to our Creator. i will never forget the overwhelming feeling of comfort that came over me at that moment. yes...many a tear was shed..but i was happy at the same time. happy because he was free from pain, and was free to continue His work on the other side. but i was mostly happy because after 16 long years, he and jason were reunited. and i couldn't get over thinking about what a crazy reunion that must've been.

mom and dad....the epitome of eternal love
it's been over a year since he's been gone, and not a day goes by that i don't think about him. i miss him dearly but i know where he is and i know i will see him again. but for now i just continue to live my life knowing he's watching over me. and through it all i try to stay strong for my mom...because i know she misses him even more. so don't worry dad...we're taking care of mom as best we can....even when she gets all irritz and doesn't stick to her diet. lol...he probably wants to slap my head for that last comment...but he knows what i mean when i say that his wife is stubborn. but that's a whole other blog in itself. love you daddy.

dad's legacy he left behind...we love you dad


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Love this post, I'm hoping it has given me enough courage to write my story of my own father. You are such a strength Ui! Love you lots!